Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Not To Blog...

I feel like I need Stacie and Clinton for my Blog. If I ever went on "What Not To Wear" I'd just go ahead and throw all my own clothes in the trash and beg Stacie & Clinton to shop with me from day one - oh and then Nick with my hair - Help me please oh god of the scissors!

Anyway - I feel the same way about my blog. I have NOT THE FIRST CLUE! I chose blogger as it was free and easy. I chose the pink template because it was - well - pink. I did think I was very clever when I got my genius hubby to modify the html so that the block was wider and I could post pics without them overflowing the text frame.

Now though I'm here in this blogworld nearly 3 years and things are different. I've rewritten and redirected and repurposed and re-goaled (new word) my content, but I have NOT redesigned.

I am overwhelmed by all of the tools and tricks and hosting sites and social networking and feedburner and analytics. I am trying to read and study and learn it all, but honestly I think my brain might explode. I am a very smart girl - there is just so much really great information out there it's difficult to know where to begin.


Please please pick me for an Extreme Blog Makeover!

I am on the brink of real change and a makeover feels right; necessary. I am grateful and hopeful for the opportunity to enter the makeover contest. Thank you for offering such a grand prize to design-challenged (clueless) gals like myself - really.

Oh and friends, if you feel so inclined nominate me in the comment section of THIS post (you're tired of pink too aren't you?).

I'll keep you posted!



Melynda said...

Girl, I was thinking of entering the contest, but after reading your entry, I think you should win! I barely have the motivation / time to post on my own blog(s)!

Bethany Hissong said...

I can completely understand! I used to work in design so the fact that I couldn't figure out how to upload my own drawings to the template completely frustrated me. I finally got the heading up there! Good luck and I'll nominate you. If you don't win, I can help you!!!