Sunday, May 28, 2006

Movie Reviews

We went to two movies this weekend and saw one more from Netflix. First - Shop Girl - boo hiss - slow, confusing, sort of pointless, and downright weird at times (Andrea you'll love it!).

Then X3 - Great (mostly) - they blow lots of stuff up and it's got some twists & turns that are fun. I didn't like the way they played Rogue, but I haven't liked the way they've played her character though the entire series so...

today - Over The Hedge - completely charming.

Not too mych knitting going on the past few days - still working on the boxes as I get the urge, but mostly just hanging out and doing "home" stuff.

I'm cleaning out/up and organizing my craftroom. It has been in a state of disarray since Christmas when we moved Anna into my former craftroom and eliminated the playroom (current craftroom). It's a slow process, but we're getting there a little at a time - those of you who have seen it first hand REALLY understand.

I thought about joining the Summer of Stash, but then thought better of it. I work IN a yarn shop for pity's sake - what chance do I stand at only using stash yarns ALL summer - especially when my job in two weeks is to go and buy TONS of yarn at market. I do need to get working on several WIPs and UFOs - the list is still there in the sidebar and I haven't crossed anything off in a long time. Time to get back to it! I'll get good pics of finished items tomorrow and post them up.

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Night of the Snorting Wildebeasts...

Otherwise known as Knit Night. We laughed so hard and so loudly I thought Laurie would pass out and I would wet my pants. Just girl stuff I guess because none of it was THAT funny. We were in rare form. I had the best time and we were lucky that no one snarfed pizza through their nose. I think we all came home with a headache from laughing so much.

Moving on (though I wish not, we had a great time) I finished a baby bib and several more Mason Dison Washcloths. I'm working on felted boxes now and as soon as the turquoise iceland comes in I'll be able to finish 2 sets of boxes. I'm not sure what I'll work on next. Probably more shop samples.

The shop looks GREAT!!! It was so comfortable last night even with 14 - 14 people there knitting and chatting. We didn't even really bother anyone with our insanity (which can't be said for everyone). Also - for the girls check this out (it's not G-rated so if you're not 18 - don't hit the link - or go ask your mom).

Maybe I'll find the camera tomorrow and snap some photos. I'm really looking forward to the holiday weekend - Casey has time off and it will be nice to be home!

I'll keep you posted!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just a Hint....

You'll have to visit to see the TWO PAGE complete sale list!!! Until then (no pics sorry I forgot the camera):

Just a few things:
Buy One Get One FREE:
Baby, Equinox Stripe, and lots more

50% off ALL Cherry Tree Hill Yarn

10% off ALL books

That's all I can tell you tonight!!

I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Drumroll Please......

The shop WILL open Monday @ 10 a.m. TONS of things (nearly the entire store) will be on sale - GOOD STUFF!!! I'll give you all a hint later tonight. I'll also have a few "sneak peek" pictures. I cannot wait! I'll be working hard restocking all afternoon. You guys are going to freak out when you see the place!

Also I'll post a omplete list of sale items on Monday just in case anyone out of town wants anything for a GREAT price!

Keep checking in just because of these five little words "Buy One Get One FREE."

I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Weekend

All boiled down - new computer, monumentally difficult mother's day, lots of knitted & crocheted dishcloths.

I'm like a woman possessed with the dishcloth insanity. It's fun and it keeps my hands busy. I really should move on to something else, but why?

We ate lunch at Ted's yesterday - because what better to do when you're having a really crappy day than drown it in red meat and onion rings? I wished it had been Cheeburger Cheeburger - then I could have added milkshakes to the list, but alas - Chattanooga wasn't on the agenda.

My friends came to see me today and I got some wonderful belated birthday gifts - Thank You Andrea!!! I have a fabulous new red hat and lots of little yummy goodies too. I love it all. Mostly I love that my friends came to see me and we just sat and did nothing together.

Hopefully some fun pictures tomorrow - I'm tired today and am going to veg on the couch for a while!

I'll keep you posted!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Hard does not even begin to describe yesterday. There are not words. I was ok most of the time, but moments and fits were inerspersed throughout the day without warning.

I got the new computer as a birthday/mother's day gift and I also got Rachael Ray's new Express Lane Meals cookbook. I LOVE Rachael Ray and her cookbooks. She's adorable and charming and has the right philosophy about dinner - if it can't be on the table in 30 minutes - don't do it!

I am very excited about the new cookbook and will finally start cooking again - I haven't done much of that since Mom died in March and it's begining to be a problem!

I like o have people over for dinner instead of going out. It's less expensive and more fun, tastes better and I don't have to make my kids sit still while we talk and laugh afer dinner. I'm looking forward to being at home more and to making a home more. It's time and I'm ready.

The shop will be open in about another week. There has been so much to do with the remodeling and restocking, etc. It is going to look totally different and I'm excited about it. We're going to open up with a HUGE sale and it's going to be GREAT!!!

Thanks to all who called, emailed, and kept me in their prayers yesterday - I felt it and I truly appreciate it.

I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Always Look on the Darkside of Life..."

Ok so my songtitle is adapted (if an obscure MP reference) and I'm not looking on the darkside of things really - just referencing my jump to the darkside of computing. I am now a Mac owner. I NEVER thought I (of all people) would EVER own a Mac.

Now all you Mac users and lovers out there please don't flame me, but come on - really I'm a P.C. user and I was happy.

You see they seduce you with those little Ipods. They seem cute and harmless enough right, when in actuality - the Ipod Nano is the tribble of the Apple universe. It's so cute and it's friendly and then there are all these friends (accessories) you can bring home to play with it. Suddenly BOOM! Tribble Trouble = Mac Owner!

I will say it's pretty cool and it's sooooooo quiet! Katey and Jana - it's quieter at my house now. I still don't know how to use the darn thing, but I'm learning.

I'll keep you posted!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Anna

My Anna (5) is quite an amazing kid if I do say so myself. She is my joy. Yesterday she told me that she's going to have 2 jobs when she grow up. I asked her which two jobs she was going to have and she replied (in all of her 5 year-old wisdom) "A ballerina girl, and the tooth fairy."

I think those are perfect jobs!

I'll keep you posted!

p.s. - I found my #8 DPNS - thanks

Monday, May 08, 2006

Just when you thought you'd seen everything...

You find THIS. also I have pictures!!! I finished 5 baby bibs and 2 baby washcloths for my SIL shower - not bad for $4.00 huh? And I seamed up the EZ Baby surprize jacket. I also made some felted crochet bowls for teacher gifts. I made a bunch of the bowls. I mean really - why make one when you can make, say, 10. That's right - 10 - in less than a week. Crochet is FAST!!! I still have two more to felt and don't have pics of most of them b/c we gave them to the kids teachers today, but they were cute too!

Kimono 1 kimono 2
Baby Bibs, etc. Washcloth Beginning
EZ Baby Surprise jacket Felted Bowl
Bowls before & After Anna feet

I also found the Mason Dixon KAL page today and will probably post to it later as I've already completed the baby kimono (also for my SIL) and am in the middle of the petal shaped dishcloth (need some size 8 DPNs to finish). I'll be making the slip stitch dishcloths soon too as well as several other items from the book. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this book? I think one of the reasons I like it so much is that all of the items in it are things you can actually USE - and most are really quick to finish.

Thanks to all who wished me well on my birthday. I had a good day. Katey & Jana took me to dinner and then we went to the knitting guild meeting, which was kind of a snore (annual officer elections, etc. -zzzzzz), but we had fun and laughed alot. It was a really hard day for me without my mom, but Super friends and a GREAT family loved me through it.

My friend Laurie is in a rough spot with her mom again - virtual prayers and hugs to her right now please.

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, May 05, 2006

Calvin or Hobbes

A Bit Of Both

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Catching Up and Early Birthdays

I'm 3 weeks behind on podcast listening. I MUST get them downloaded and transferred to my ipod soon. I really have missed them. I'm shooting pictures of finished projects tonight (after the batteries charge).

So today I shopped and went to lunch with my dad and the kids, and then I shopped some more - this time for fun. Anna and I (Toby went to Grampy's house) went to the mall to pick her out a new bedspread - they didn't have it and we'll order it online, but I did get my ear pierced again. I had her put both in one ear. I've been wanting my ear pierced again for a long time so to help ease the birthday funk I went for it. Then we went to the Bath & Body works sale - yummy!

Am I the only one who knits/crochets (usually crochet it's easier to stop) at red lights and in traffic? Truly only at red lights and in traffic - please - I have kids in the car.

The shop is going to be Fantastico! A former boss of my husband once told him "there are no problems, there are only opportunities" Casey's response was "Well then Bill, we've got one HELL of an opportunity!" We are taking the opportunity of the flood of 06 - to completely remodel the shop. We are doing so much so fast and it's going to look and be great! More room, more color, more yarn, more fun for everyone!

I am very excited about the shop and cannot wait to see it all in place!

I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Lady of Leisure

As much as one can be with two little ones I suppose. It's been nice having time off, albeit bittersweet. I've been getting tons done. It's not like I worked that much, but somehow it seems that I have more time to knit/corchet/sew/whatever. It's weird.

I think Andrea (though now she's out of town for a week) being off at the same time is part of it. We ran around and hung out at the house nearly everyday last week. It was fun. Now she's out of town and the house is messy so I'm typing instead of doing housework.

I made 5 baby bibs and two baby washcloths, seamed up the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, am almost finished with a baby Kimono (modified from Mason Dixon Knitting - GREAT BOOK), and I'm not sure what I'll work on next.

Let me tell you the Mason Dixon book is GREAT! It's tons of fun and has lots of cute projects. The bibs I made are crocheted - not from the Mason Dixon book, but they are really cute - I'll have pictures soon.

My birthday is this week - Thursday. Besides my Daddy taking me to Houston's for lunch (a 13 year tradition) I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I may go to the knitting guild meeting - if Casey is off work that day. I haven't decided. I'm having a really difficult time over my birthday without my mom.

Sooner or later I'll get back to my "On The Needles" list, but for now - it's whatever makes me feel good. Right now that's making things for my new nephew that's on the way. I'm going to make something for Anslea (big sister) also, but still not sure what - she's 10 maybe a purse?

Go see Katey's new craft room too. Gorgeous!

I'll keep you posted!