Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrea!

Today is my friend Andrea's (blogless) birthday. I wanted to make it really special for her as it's kind of a crappy time of her year emotionally (NOT birthday related)and she's a wonderful friend. I've been making little things for a while now and today I finally go to put it all together and deliver it.

Here are some REALLY crappy photos of what I made:
Before Bucket
The "before" shot

Be-ribboned Buckets
The "during" shot. The buckets are inspired from HERE

Bucket Gift
The Assembled gift package

Gift Overview
And the Contents: Handmade Card Set, Silk Kimono Tote Bag, Stitch Marker made from a vintage typewriter key (wrapped in tissue), Taste of Home Cookbook, and an embroidered Tea Towel. I had so much fun making everything that I can't wait for two friend's (both Danas) birthdays in August.

I'm sorry for the crappiness (new word - like it?) of the photos. I had 4 minutes to shoot, before we ran out the door to:
Drop the Kids at Bible School @ 6:00
Run to Michael's for magnets I thought I had at home
Run Gift to Andrea's (whilst assembling magnets - from the kids)
Get back to church to see the Bible School Finale by 6:45

We made it - barely.

I'll keep you posted!



anunmaker said...

Happy Birthday Andrea!!!!

Danielle said...

What a thoughtful gift! I love the embroidered towel! What brand towel did you use? It came out so nicely!

Kristin said...

How sweet! What a lucky girl to have a friend like you!