Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

The Week of The Crockpot

If, like me, you don't know about Stephanie over at A Year of CrockPotting you must go visit her site (WAIT - finish reading this first).

This week, taking my cue from Stephanie and the Taste of Home Slow Cooker cookbook, I'm going to use the time-saving crockpot every day.

Our menu for the week:

Meatballs & Gravy with Rice (carryover from last week)
Turkey Slopy Joes
Golden Chicken & Noodles
Crockpot Fried Rice
Crockpot Lemon & Dill Salmon
Super Easy Crockpot Spaghetti (no mushrooms)
Crockpot Cheesecake

We'll give it a go and I'll let you know how things turn out. Now, to decide what I'm going to do with all the time saved.

Please check out everyone's menus (really great ideas) HERE.

I'll keep you posted!



care-in said...

This menu looks great, gonna try the fried rice. I have found a few from that blog that I want to try, curious about the desserts!! Thanks for sharing your menu.

anunmaker said...

Ok, I think I am going to spend my Target gift card on a crock pot. It would make life easier, I think....and those recipes sound yummy!

April said...

Sounds like a delicious week! I, too, am interested how the desserts come out in the crock pot!

Karen said...

I might like to give that crockpot cheesecake a try sometime.

Hope you have a wonderful week!