Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Adventure...

Hands Help Hearts
And Change Lives

What does it take to change a life?  Less that you might think…

Tiny acts multiplied by many hands change lives everyday.

Something as simple as a handmade hat makes a world of difference to children and families in need.

The children and families in the village of Beaufort West, South Africa need our help.  The living circumstances of this village are poor and dangerous beyond what most in America, or any western culture can fathom.  Living in a climate very similar to that of the Southeastern US, the winters (US spring/summer) are cold and wet.  Despite these conditions, the People of Beaufort West are beautiful with a spirit of love and learning. 

They need OUR help!

The Goal (and it’s a BIG one):  Collect 1000 Handmade hats by January 12, 2014

What can YOU do?  Knit or Crochet a hat (wool is warmest) in any size from infant to adult.

Don’t Knit or Crochet?  We’ll teach you.  There will be mini-classes available for groups who want to learn.

Don’t WANT to Knit or Crochet?  Don’t worry – you can still help!  We need DONATIONS of yarn (wool preferred), knitting and crochet supplies, or money toward these items*

*Receipts for cash donations provided.  ALL donations used expressly for the Hands Helping Hearts Hat Project.

For more Information please email:
HATS (at) thedements (dot) com or visit handshelphearts.blogspot.com

I'll keep you posted,