Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ahh - Fresh as a Wet Sheep?

Yep - my house is filled with "odeur du felting." otherwise known as wet sheep stink. I've felted two bags today and may do two more - that is if I open some windows and get some breathable air in this place. I've been having fun though.

Getting Up to date:

Pictures this week I promise, but until then - I've ben knitting like crazy!

I've finished 4 felting projects (all but the felting of 2) a baby sweater, a pair of funky house-slippers, the multidirectional scarf, have started a spring sweater, and another felting project. Of course I always have socks on the needles and will hopefully be finished with a pair or two of those by the end of next week. I need to make several class samples too including this and the leaf lace shawl (sorry - couldn't get the link to work).

Hey be sure and check out Stephanie's page and look at her pink lady serendipity shawl - Very Gorgeous!

Stacie hasn't been posting in a few days, but her hubby just got home from and extended training trip so who can blame her *wink* but be sure and check out the WOW scarf she's been working on too. I'm going to make one as soon as the rest of the bags are felted.

I can't wait for project spectrum to start next week. The sweater I'm making is red (everything I own is red) so I'm looking forward to getting it finished.

We have been getting more and more new things in at the store and have rearranged lots of stuff too. The shop looks great and spring is going to be a blast! I am already excited about June market and all the new ideas it will bring - see I have to knit insanely fast to get it all done!

I'd better go finish the I-cord so I can felt the other two bags before knit night tonight.

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Was It YOU?

Ok - I give up - who told? Which one of you told the flu police that I was feeling a tiny bit better? It must have been someone, because Saturday kicked it into high gear. If I thought I felt bad last week - whoa! Lookout weekend! Oh well - much better now - and I'm saying it right out loud - germs be damned!

I am feeling better and thanks to all of you who were on my side. I made a multidirectional scarf (Thank you Stephanie for the pattern) with the yarn my secret pal sent me (shown below) and will have a picture of it up soon.

The kids are crafting right now and I've got glue on my hands so typing is sticky!

I had a great Valentine's Day - you know aside from feeling kinda craptastic. I got a Whirley Pop - popcorn pan, etc. and an Ipod Nano - very cool! I got an email the night before that my favorite scrapbook shop is going out of business and EVERYTHING (fixtures & all) was for sale starting yesterday so I started the morning there - that was fun and we've got some neat new displays for the shop too.

I ended the evening at the 50% off sticker sale at Hobby Lobby - all in all - good day!

For those of you who might still be confused - I scrapbook too and I have an obsession with aquiring more "stuff" for scrapbooking - it's smaller and mostly cheaper than yarn (read: easier to hide). It's an insane obsession - like sock knitting - ahh I see all the little lightbulbs going off now *grin*

I hope everyone had a GREAT!!! Heart Day and I hope you ate lots of chocolate and other sugary goodness and had lots of fun. Stacie I hope your honey gets home quickly - better to celebrate late than never yes?

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, February 10, 2006

Don't Tell...

Ok - please don't tell my germs or the flu police, but I think (not certain mind you) that I might feel the tiniest - eansiest - littlest bit better. Let's not say that too loudly, but I think it's true. After a visit to the Dr. - which I NEVER do, but considering the asthma, - and 3 chest x-rays later (just to make sure there was no fluid in my lungs) it was my Daddy's homemade, hot & buttery chicken noodle soup that did the trick. Have I told you that I have the best Daddy in the whole wide world? I really do and you may argue that yours is better or just as good, but it just can't possibly be so (can you tell I'm more than a little spoiled?).

We're officially on the upswing of this flu bug and all it entails and we're almost out of the woods. Thank you for all your prayers and messages of support. I felt them all; and hey Steph - sorry about the shop closing Wed. - yeah it was me.

Here's to a better, brighter, healthier weekend!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feel Better to Die!

I'm sick! I'm really sick! It's the flu. I would have to feel better to die. Casey is sick too and the kids are hagning in so far, but it's going to be a long week. Please keep me in your prayers that I don't get worse and that I don't kill my kids for whatever they are crashing around while I'm laying on the couch trying to ignore them.

Friday, February 03, 2006

For Sandy

For Sandy who loves skies!

yarn picture

Happy Bloggiversary! I have loved getting to know you through your blog and through this fun community!

This is a photo of the souther sky outside my house - that's a plane - we live in the direct path of Hartsfield International Airport (but far enough away so there is no noise). Everyone wish Sandy well!


Look what my secret pal sent me:
yarn picture

I love it! Hey I finally have pictures!!!! I'm a real grown up blogger now! Still working out the kins so bear with me. I'm also posting a pattern for a flower washcloth - KNIT FLAT - none of those pesky DPN's with cotton for me!

I'll add more pictures and such as I go!

I'll keep you posted!