Friday, December 30, 2005

Well Christmas came and Christmas went and it was all pretty much a blur from here. We had a nice Christmas, but is always seems too busy and too rushed and just in general too much. We were all sick with head colds and that makes everything harder. I'm going to make sure that this year I have all of my gifts made or bought as I go through the year, because otherwise I'm not going to make it through another season.

Now for the new year: I'm not a resolutions kind of girl, but I do like lists (ok I LOVE them) and I do set goals. I'm tired of all the regular goals that are on everyone's list - you know - clean house, more time doing whatever, lose weight - not that I don't need all those on my list too, but some things go without saying. This year my list will read a little like this:

Appreciate even when annoyed
Love especially when challenged
Be Patient in the face of trial
Learn from everyone especially those who are most different from me
Be the kind of friend that I want to have
Leave things better than I found them

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, December 23, 2005


No - not the Christmas knitting, but the sweater that shall not end. Anna's Leaf Peeper sweater is complete. I didn't do the leaves - instead I crocheted some flowers and a butterfly and attached them to the pockets instead. It turned out really cute if I do say so myself. I promise pictures after Christmas. Right now I have to finishe boxing up my craftroom and moving downstairs so Anna can have her room for Christmas - so gotta run...

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We won't speak of it...

Christmas knitting that is - it's come to this - if you get a handknitted gift from me this year - you're damned lucky! I've had the flu AND in-laws this weekend & week so stop your griping and say "Thank you" for that giftcard - right!

It's really not quite THAT bad, but pretty darned close.

Well I got this gift for a single girlfriend of mine from this site (at the time you could buy hunky bachelor versions) and thought - won't this be funny - everything important is covered by a cute little star sticker and we'll all get a laugh right? Well honey let me tell you - this guy needs a bigger star sticker. It's truly embarassing how much hangs out from behind the not-so-little star sticker. Oh - I'll give it to her anyway, but now it will arrive with an explanation and uproarious laughter rather than just a little giggle amongst girlfriends.

I'm off to continue knitting - I do have just a couple of things left that MUST be finished, but I'm not going to kill myself on everything else.

My Honey has promised to set up my camera software on this system and help me post pictures, etc. so hopefully I can be and all grown up blog with pictures and everything for Christmas (or shortly thereafter).

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

1 more down!

I'd like to forget how many to go, but alas - I must make a list so... here goes:

Crochet afghan - thought I had another week (maybe two) turns out they are visiting THIS Saturday

Sweater for Toby (top down raglan on size 17 needles) - no big deal

Leaf Sweater finished for Anna and one more seamed up for her (all told about a days work)

Hats & Mittens for the kids (maybe - I might get away with putting that one off until after Christmas)

House Socks for my Mom (easy chunky yarn on size 11 needles)

TWO - "Wrap & Roll" Jackets - I get to take the easy way out on these and make them on the knitting machine - SUPER easy!

I'm sure I've left numerous things out and I've already cut the handknit gifts list WAAAY down - so I think I might just make it - that is if I can get MOST of it done before this Sunday as next week I really MUST clean the house.

I'll keep you posted!


I'm not behind...

I figure it this way - if I cop out and send everyone giftcards or movie tickets this year - then I'm not really behind on my Christmas knitting - I'm ahead for 2006. I tell you - with 10 days left it's looking better and better. The only problem is all those gift cards require cold hard cash!

I have finished 2 hats and a pair of fingerless mitts this week (okay - it was yesterday) and I'm a buttonband and pockets away from Anna's sweater (the sweater that will not end) being finished. Surely I've knit more than that in nearly 2 weeks? Maybe there is something I'm forgetting? Maybe it will come to me?

I'd better keep at it.

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, December 02, 2005


It seems lately that I knit and I knit and I never finish anything. I don't quite understand it. Has anyone else experienced what I am now calling "The Event Horizon of Knitting?"

It's as though the closer I get to the end of a project the longer it takes to actually get there - time (knitting time that is) moves exponentially slower for an, as yet, undetermined reason. I haven't even cast on new things that are getting in the way or anything. It's really weird!

Anna's sweater (which should have been finished ages ago) will get shoulder seams and at least one sleeve picked up tonight. I hope I can knock it out by the end of the weekend (shouldn't be a problem since the seed stitch insanity is finished).

I DID rescue my brother's sock from time out and carefully unknitted several rows thereby removing the pre-mature toe decreases and it's moving along as well.

I am finishing up a previously pushed aside pair of fingerless mitts and those should be finished this week as well. I can't wait to have some of these things off the needles not only because I will be that much closer to finished Christmas Knitting, but also because I can start knitting mittens and hats for my babies who want warm wooly things that "Mommy made." Sometimes all the craziness makes sense - if only for a fleeting moment before they start bonking each other on the head because on one person can play the drum at a time (whose birdbrained idea was it to buy children a drum anyway...).

I'll keep you posted!