Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I am truly Blessed!

I am thankful for: (the short list)

My parents, although life's circumstances have not brought us the health and happiness we see in our picture of the future, I am blessed with parents who love and and whom I love. I still learn from my Mom and Daddy everyday - may I be as loving with my children as my parents always are with me.

My husband, who will get up at 5 a.m to take the doggy out (for the third time that night) just so I can sleep - may I always be as thoughtful and considerate of him.

My children, who are more precious to me than words can express - God please make me worthy of Your gift.

My Brother, who is the most loving person I've ever known - may I return that love to him in a special and meaningful way.

My Doggies (& the fishy too), they are often naughty and they wet on the floor sometimes, but they are warm and always there to love on when needed most - May I be there for them when they need me ( especially during thunderstorms).

My house, it's warm and dry and messy and in need of repairs, but it's safe and it's mine - may I always make our house a home.

My Life, It is busy and full of joy, pain, laughter, tears, excitement, calm, accomplishments, failures, expectation, disappointment, learning, lessons, fear, and boldness! I thank God that my life is not how I pictured it so many years ago - as always - HIS picture is better than my best dream and I am Truly BLESSED!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all - Love to you!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Oh wait - not you! I mean my kids. Boy have they been at it for the last two days. It must be something in the weather change or maybe the water or maybe I'm just edgy, but phew it's been wild around here. All of this as I try to gear up for Thanksgiving and my mom's birthday and the church events, etc.

On the knitting front:
I'm well entrenched in Anna's sweater and let me just say that I am seriously tired of seed stitch right now. Even I, the "I hate to purl!" girl am longing for the blissful areas of yellow stocking stitch. At knit night last night Stephanie reminded me that we talked about it originally and decided that it would be just as precious in all stst - needless to say the part of my brain responsible for storing that tidbit is presently awaiting it's punishment.

I've designed several projects for the yarn rescued from the frog pond earlier this week and my list grows thus longer - at least I don't have to buy the yarn for these.

As mentioned in earlier posts we're moving some rooms around including the craft room and I've been sorting yarn, etc. I have a BUNCH of yarn. Who doesn't right? But really folks - I have way more than I ever remember buying and I don't forget those sorts of things. Most of what I had forgotten was ebay purchases - maybe something about not actually feeling the yarn AS I bought it...?? Who knows - the fact remains that I've got some serious knitting to do before I go buying any more (yeah we'll see how long that lasts).

I'm reading Vintage Socks right now and it's really cutting into my Christmas knitting deadline so I'd better have Casey take it away for a while so I'm not tempted to drop everything and knit the Gentleman's socks for my brother.

Hey be sure and keep Stacie on your mind and in your prayers as she had a big day today!

I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Frog Pond

This weekend I swam in the frog pond. I frogged a sock, a child's sweater, the front of two more children's sweaters, a pink idea that turned out to be a monstrousity, and the beginnings of a felted purse for a class that never happened. SIGH!

Now I feel so much better - I have yarn and ideas instead of failures and mishaps mocking me (thanks Steph) from the frog pond. There is such weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel like I can accomplish things again - it's very exciting.

I also finished five more Christmas gifts this weekend (don't ask how many I have left to make).

I bought Red Heart for a crocheted afghan (another giftlift item) and will begin work on that tomorrow night during CSI, etc... Hey I know - "Red Heart??? Don't you work at the best yarn shop in town?" Yes, but it's cheap and it lasts forever and that's the kind of yarn I need for these giftees so...

I've got many more items on my gift list so... On with the knitting!

I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sometimes The Tuths Caomes in Strange Packages

Not Usually a big fan of the little quips, but this one was fun - and if you know me well....

Your Birthdate: May 4

You have an extraordinary character - moral, responsible, and disciplined.
Your sincerely and honesty shine through in almost every situation.
Driven and focused, you rarely let your emotions get the better of you.
You're level headed and rational. People count on your to look at things objectively.

Your strength: Your unwavering loyalty and ethics

Your weakness: Your rock solid stubbornness

Your power color: Navy blue

Your power symbol: Shield

Your power month: April

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Latest Meme

I succomb...

Favorite Yarn:
That's tough - especially working in a yarn shop - I seem to have a new favorite everyday. On the list are definitely Zara Plus (the entire Zara line), Tartelette, New Tweed, Cotton Classic, and Sockotta (oh who am I kidding - ANY good sock yarn)

Favorite Needles:
Addi Turbos - no question! (I like cheapy metal needles too - Bamboo is too slow) although my Handturned Rosewood crochet hook - giant afghan sized - is lovely too.

Worst Project Ever Knit:
I'm note sure - I can think of a bunch of things, but I have ripped most of them out and started over - Oh wait! The purple Bagsmith kit from He** That stuff is so hard to knit and it's in what I fear to be eternal time out - even if I rip it out the materials will NOT be reused for knitting.

Favorite Pattern:
I like plain old socks patterns - any of them - I think that the magic formula of sock knitting is incredible and always fun. It's predictable, rythmic, and always just right.

Most Valuable Knitting Technique:
More of a philosophy - Boldness. Working at the shop we get many timid customers with problem projects and I have learned that the boldness to yank the needles out and rip back with abandon is rare.

Best Book or Magazine:
Traitor I may be, but my very favorite book is The Crochet Stitch Bible (cat out of bag - I crochet too!)
Interweave and FCEK are always fun

Favorite KAL:
I've only done Soctoberfest so far and it was fun. Warm Hands is shaping up nicely too.

Favorite Blogs:
Sandy, Stephanie, Stacie, Lolly, and more

Favorite Designer:
I like Debbie Bliss & Debbie Ware for the Kids and I Love Joan McGowan-Michael - so very femenine

Knit Item I wear the most:
I've always given everything away - I have some yarn in the stash for a Chris Bylsma sweater for myself though

That was fun!

Thanks for Listening!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shame on Me....

I'm a bad blogger lately - sorry! I've been knitting, but I never seem to finish anything so I've been feeling rather dispondant about blogging. I'm STILL working on Toby's sock #2 (had to rip a bunch out and restart from heel turn) and until I find more yarn My brother's socks are stalled.

I have been cleaning things out lately though. We're moving the craftroom to the playroom and setting the kids up in individual bedrooms. Translation: LOTS of work! I've got more yarn than I care to discuss (esp with my honey) and I'd better start making it into finished projects ASAP or I'll have to stop shopping - and who wants to do that.

Anna's sweater
is coming along nicely. The back is almost finished and once I get back in the groove it will work up quickly (if I can endure all the seed stitch along the top). I've got a bunch of things that need to be frogged and reworked and it's bogging me down. I've also got some seaming to do that's lurking in the wings. I know I should just buckle down and do it all one step at a time, but instead I just keep crocheting washcloths for the children and for Christmas gifts.

I think if I can get things in better order here (everything is topsy turvy with the remodel) then I can crank out several Christmas gifts in a hurry and not feel so overwhelmed.

On other notes Casey LOVES his job at The Weather Channel and he is so happy - which makes me happy too!

I'm going to post a list of Christmas gifts that I need to make and then cross them off as I complete them. Hopefully being accountable to you guys will help motivate me and I won't experience the Christmas Crunch we all know so well.

Anyway - thanks for forgiving my slack blogging ways!

I'll keep you posted!