Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hated It - Moving On!

I've been working on a T-shirt sweater (started it about a year ago and put it down) for a while now. I picked it back up as the project for the shop' new knit along.


I love the pattern. I can't stand the yarn. It looks great, it feels great, and it's going to pick like crazy. One of those sweaters you can either be VERY careful in (which I'm not inclined to be) or wear about once before it's ruined.

So, I ripped the needles out and am moving on.

That's OK! I'll make the T-shirt on a yarn I love - either my red Fantasy Naturale, or my lime Sierra - maybe both!

I'll have pictures tomorrow of the Rayon Jacket I'm working on.

I'll keep you posted!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How is THIS even possible? 50,932.1!!!

How is it possible that after all the de-stashing and knitting I STILL have 50,932.1 yards of yarn in my stash - and I haven't been buying!

I DON'T think there is anything wrong with having lots of yarn - I just wish I could knit it faster.

My local friends know how much (a really really lot) yarn I got rid of and I'm still crazy stash lady!

I made a spreadsheet with intended project,name of yarn, & quantity and 50,932.1 yards is what I came up with. I'm sure there is still some yarn hiding somewhere waiting to be tallied up.

50,932.1 Yards = 28.94 MILES


I have enough yarn for 26 pairs of socks, 10 felted bags, 30 dishcloths, 4 Involved scarves, 8 Lace shawls, 7 kids' sweaters, 4 sweaters for me, lady Eleanor, AND the two projects I'm working on now - at this rate I'll be knitting forever!

This is insanity I'm telling you! I have completely LOST my mind (We won't even talk about sewing or other crafts right now)!

I'd better go knit - apparently I have work to do.

I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another FO for Casey & Whip-Up.Net

Socks! Finally his socks are finished. Once I resolved to just rip out and rework the toe and then decided to rework the heel (he hated the dutch heel called for in the pattern) they were really easy and quick to finish.

Yarn: Great Adirondack Soxie Merino Superwash (I don't remember the colorway)
and Knitpick Essential (the brown parts)
Pattern: From Knitting Vintage Socks
Needles: Turbos size 2 (2-circ method)

I am glad that I decided to use contrasting heels/toes otherwise I wouldn't have had enough yarn. The Soxie has plenty for ladies' socks, but for men's socks they run a little short.

Casey's Socks

Casey's Socks Close-Up

BTW: Thanks to the WhipUp folks for the mention about the Flickr group yesterday. I was thrilled! I feel famous! Have you joined the group yet? - Hey go do that now.

I'll keep you posted!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Still High as a Kite...

Photo parade today! I'm still drugged out on pain-killers, but hopefully not for too much longer.

Here is Casey in his sweater:

Casey's Sweater Front

And here is Casey's ass [oh, and the back of his sweater]:

Casey's Sweater Back

Nice Huh?

I'll keep you posted!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

In Progress...

*DISCLAIMER* Blogger LOADED on prescription medicine. If babbling/pelling errors abound blogger is not entirely responsible.

Casey's sweater is finished and it got chili this weekend (yeah) so he could actually wear it. I am so happy with the finished product - it fits perfectly and looks GREAT on him (I may be biased there, but...).

I am halfway through the foot section of Casey's sock #2 and will be finished with it this week.

I picked up a longtime UFO T-Shirt Sweater I started about a year ago. I cleverly arranged for it to be the current "Knit-Along" project for the shop. Now I'll get it finished as there are about 4 other ladies knitting one with me. All I need is a little healthy competition to get me completely motivated. I am such a show-off it's not funny.

I also started a new project for the shop (the Bloom shawl wasn't working out). It's the lacey huggy-shrug jacket from Knit Two Together. I am making it in Blue Heron's Beaded Rayon colorway: Leaf and it is soooooooooo pretty. I just started this evening and I LOVE it!

Having 3 things on the needles at once is driving me a little crazy though so I'll have to finish that sock up ASAP.

In other news:

I'll be on the next Unwound Podcast advertising/advocating the new Flickr group. You guys, Kelli is GREAT and always fun to listen to. Check her out! The new episode (#10) should be ready very soon.

I think I have kidney stones (again). I've been to the doctor and he ordered a CT, but the imaging center was closed so I'll go Monday and get the official word. Meanwhile I'm pretty drunk on Darvocet - so No worries, except that my knitting guage on the shrug may be different when I'm not high - I'll worry about that later. Right now high is pretty good.

I'll take some good photos tomorrow in the sunlight and post them. I can't wait to show you Casey's sweater - he loves it by the way - even better!

I'm going to lie down now and try to stop spinning.

I'll keep you posted!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We've Only Just Begun...

Good thing this isn't audio huh - otherwise you would be hearing my "best" Karen Carpenter interpretation about now.

The Flickr Group is going well and I am very excited about it. Everyone's work is GREAT and it's so much fun to see the different projects.

I need a button. If any of you graphics people (coughKATEYcough) know anything about that please help me out. I like the icon used for the group, but am open to any ideas.

Casey's sweater is FINISHED!!! I'll have to wait for him to come home to get a good photo.

I am working on Casey's socks
Casey' Sock Redux Sock 1 & 2

I finished this around thanksgiving last year, but he hated the heel I used and the toe was "squashy" - so it sat. I ripped it out before the heel and used a traditional heel flap and toe and now he loves it!

spinning up some fiber I bought on Etsy in January

and a Bloom Shawl for the shop no photos yet).

So far so good and I'm having a blast!

What are you working on?

I'll Keep You Posted!


Monday, March 05, 2007

My New Flickr Group

Inspired by Project Spectrum, Unwound Podcast (episode 4 listener poll), Yarn Shop experience, The Lime n Violet Boards and Podcast, and more...

I have created a flickr group:

Show and Tell Yarn 2007

I started a Flickr set of my own to keep track of finished knits/crochets in 2007 then I began thinking about a central place for all of us to post 2007 completions. I am very inspired by others' WIP. Each of us has such unique creative talent I want to see how it all turns out.

I want Show and Tell Yarn 2007 to be a place that everyone can have a
"Hooray for Me" shouting post, because let's face it - the pets aren't
always as thrilled as we'd like.

My only guidelines are knitting and/or crochet or yarn in general and BE NICE because Mean People Suck!

Please join me and help me spread the word as well. It's time to show off your amazing talents and support fellow stitchers.

Here's the link to the group:

and here's the onsite description:

About 2007 Show & Tell Yarn Projects

A central place for showing off your 2007 finished knits & crochets.
Find adoration and inspiration amongst your fellow stitchers. Please
give as much information with your photos as you feel comfortable with
and be sure to link your blog (if you have one).

As always BE NICE because Mean People Suck!

I'll keep you posted!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm Famous!

I'm in the listener polls section of this week's (episode 9) Unwound Podcast. It's kind of cool! Check out the podcast - it's one of my fovrites!

I'll keep you posted!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Photos Photos Everywhere!

I promised pictures and here they are!!!

Pink Crochet Scarf Blue Crochet Scarf
Pink & Purple Crochet Scarf
Anna's Crochet Mitts
Bloom Shawl Bloom Shawl Back View
Clapotis Casey Sweater in Progress

Many Crocheted Scarves from the Happy Hooker book (Cascade Cash Vero)
Anna's Crocheted Mitts (Cascade Cash Vero)
Bloom Shawl (Noro Blossom #6)
Clapotis (Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb in Rainbow colorway)
Casey's In-Progress Sweater (Jo Sharp DK Tweed)

More tomorrow!

I'll keep you posted!