Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week in Review

It's been a week of "slacking off" around here - easy to tell by the late hour of today's post. We had a very good time doing too much of each of the following:

kid art july 2008
(Click on the photo to see the notes)

*Visiting the pool in the evenings

*Reading silly stories and (finally) picking The Boxcar Children back up

*Making yo-yos and sewing by hand

*Playing legos

*Playing Wii

*Reading Jack and Jill (Alex Cross #3) - me NOT the kids

*Watching 90210 (again me NOT the kids)

*Buying and then eating lots (ok REALLY lots) of gourmet food from Harry's and Krispy Kreme (YES - KK IS gourmet)

*Watching movies from Blockbuster (because I can't find two that I need to return to Netflix)

*Painting with watercolor crayons

*Going to lunch with Grampy and then playing in his HUGE (and doggie-poo free) backyard.

*And right now the kids and Daddy are at the movies seeing Wall E (thereby giving me 2 hours of blissful silence)

*Writing and sending cards to friends

In the midst of all this playing I did get some household things taken care of - like:

*picking up the Honda from the shop (again, but hey it's still cheaper than a car payment - and it was just the battery Praise God!)

*Re-hanging Grampy's curtains and helping him with the computer

*Registering the kids for Bible School (which begins tomorrow evening)

*Registering the kids for a homeschool art program offered by our church

*Cleaning up the den and dining room (ok, we did that today because after a week of playing as listed above it was a TOTAL disaster area)

*Deciding (mostly) on the homeschool method and curriculum we will use for the next few years - more on that later.

*Oh and I blogged for you guys EVERY day this week (it's really for me as I LOVE each of you and the comments you leave and the blogs I read daily).

WOW - when I list it all out like that I guess there wasn't as much slacking as it seemed - now I know why I'm so tired at the end of the day - Phew!

Thanks for all your love and support this week - it is fantastic. I truly enjoy your friendship.

I'll keep you posted!



Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Thanks for your sweet note about my teen son - pedicure post. We could be twins on our verbage "there's nothing you could do that would ever make me stop loving you." We say it all the time...almost every day. Keep saying may seem mundane when they are 7, but those deposits now will reap huge benefits later. Keep up the great mommying. And..yep home school curriculum decision making is hard. So many great ones. Feel free to shop at my used "book store." I am sure I probably have bought them all in the last decade.:)

Bethany Hissong said...

This sounds like a fun week! I should keep track of what we're doing around here too. Unfortunately I haven't been doing anything too interesting! Good luck with finding homeschool curriculum. I loved using K12's curriculum but we got it free because we joined a PA Charter School. The history was wonderful!