Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yeah! Clapotis is finished! Casey's sweater is awaiting seaming (I have to wait for my student to catch up). I started working on the Bloom shawl from Knitty. I am making it in the yarn AND color that the pattern calls for - weird for me, but I did have to change to bigger needles. It's quick and easy and will be finished before the weekend is over.

I am working on Casey's socks again as well and really enjoying them this time so... at least they are good TV or Knit Night projects.

I know I promised you photos today, but I am battling the onset of a migraine so photoshoots will have to wait until tomorrow. I'll get some fun "live-action" shots at the shop tomorrow night.

I did update my sidebar. I added a list of many of the podcasts I am enjoying lately. They are lots of fun and I just have to listen - not watch anything on TV (good for allergy/headache season). While many of you are still entrenched in full blown winter - check out my weather box over there to the right - spring is HERE for us.

If you use I-tunes please subscribe to the podcasts through that. Some of them are a little racey and not all are about knitting - you can read the descriptions and reviews on I-tunes and get a better feel for each show. Like TV - the shows are all different and I encourage you to give them all at least a try and then keep the ones you really like. It's information about knitting and/or crafting - I like it all so... I'll talk more about them in the next few weeks. Be sure to check out Unwound and Pixie Purls. Pixie is a local girl and Kelli (Unwound) is practically local - in Birmingham, AL.

That's all for today - I'm going to crash and stave off the migraine!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm back for a minute today and then full force tomorrow. Friday night was Knit All Night at the shop and we had the best time!

Katey brought her Italk recorder and so now all of our antics are on record - this is NOT a good thing *grin.* I did listen to it later (nicely edited K) and nearly wet my pants laughing so hard. I think it may only be funny to those of use who were there - Casey couldn't follow along.

Today I've got work to do on the website and some email tasks to take care fo for the shop. Casey's sweater is finished, yet unassembled and the Clapotis is about an hour away from completion which is screaming at me, but website first!

I've finished 3 crochet scarves and 1 pair of mitts (for Anna) in the last week and yesterday I ripped back Casey's sock (old UFO) past the heel b/c the toe was squashy and he didn't like the dutch heel used in the pattern. So I did a traditional heel flap and turn and now I'm in the gusset decreases.

I'm beginning to feel scattered with my projects though so I think after I update the website I'll start finishing things up and taking pictures. That way I can focus on one project at a time.

don't forget about Project Spectrum and go check out the Flickr group - some really great stuff going on over there!

I've been listening to podcasts like crazy lately and I'll put a lit in the sidebar in the next day or two.

I'll keep you posted!


Monday, February 12, 2007

Lullaby Wishes


Lie still my little one, safe in my arms
Love will protect you from all of life's harms
And if love could make lullaby wishes come true
Then here are my lullaby wishes for you

I wish you moonbeams and tumbling clowns
Circuses, kittens and merry-go-rounds

I wish you sweet songs to sing through the years
A smile that's so warm it will dry all your tears

So hush now my little one the world is asleep
Here are my lullaby wishes to keep
And I wish they could all come true for you
I wish they could all come true

I wish you rainbows to color your skies
May the winders of life always light up your eyes

And when love comes along may you give it a chance
And learn to say yes when life asks you to dance

While the moon gently sails through the sea of the sky
I'll sing you my wishes in this lullaby
And if love can make lullaby wishes come true
Then here are my lullaby wishes for you

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Big Project Part A...

The massive craft room PURGE! Here are just the beginnings of the project. Thank you Andrea for all your help and support - I couldn't do this without you!

Purge a


Granted some of that is toys from the kids rooms, but most of it came out of the craft room. I didn't take pictures of the 5 - 6 garbage bags of fabric and yarn that are give away to my friends OR of the actual garbage - those pictures are just the donate pile.

I'll take more shots as I go along. It should all be complete after the weekend. I've got to find some different storage solutions for the room in general so...

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, February 02, 2007

It's Time...

I'm working on a very big project today and will have pictures tonight to show all. I can't tell you more. Stay Tuned!

I'll keep you posted!