Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm in love with my postal worker

Today is a GOOD mail day! I received orders from Elann and Knitpicks. Last week my Amazon order (partial) and some scrapbook stuff arrived and this week - yarn yarn yarn!!!!

Yes - I know - retail therapy is no solution for my grief - but it's mostly a timing thing - my husband's annual raise/bonus came through last week so many of the purchases were already planned. The Knitpicks sock yarn glut (16 balls) wasn't on the list - but come on - cut me a little slack at least it's really inexpensive right?

Why you may ask - when I work at a premiere yarn shop would I ever buy yarn anywhere else? Well two reasons - We don't have the sorts of things I ordered and it was really cheap!

I'll have pics tomorrow - the flickr thing look really easy and with the exception of pics of my kids - looks like a fun option for blog photos.

Yesterday I posted about Cast-On - a podcast I've been enjoying immensely. If you don't have an ipod - not to worry - go here and it will tell you everything you need to know about how to listen without an ipod

Thanks again to all of you guys!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Getting Through the Day

Thank You all very much for your love and support - please continue. I'm getting through the day a little easier now, but still...

My secret pal sent me lovely pink flowers, and others have been kind and generous as well.

On the knitting front - I've made two tiny baby "Apple" hats (hopefully a photo tomorrow) and ripped out a few things and - shhh don't tell my UFO's - started a baby sweater. I'm going to learn how to use flickr this week - everyone is doing such cute things with it and I'm going to jump on the bandwagon.

I joined this for April and will hopefully embrace the "Use What You Have" spirit for longer than April - goodness knows I could stay in the house and not need to buy anything crafty for well a REALLY long time. What can I say - I like "stuff."

My friend Katey just finished a felted bag made from all Noro scraps. Check it out - it's really pretty. Katey is a self-proclaimed "Noro-Slut" and after winding 6 skeins of blossom (bought on sale - yay!) yesterday I am beginning to understand.

I am quickly becoming a Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino fiend! I am making the EZ (that's Elisabeth Zimmerman - for new knitters) Baby surprise jacket and it's tons of fun. Hey two skeins of DB BC and some size 5 needles (that's where I got guage) and off we go. It makes it even more enjoyable that I got the yarn on sale YAY!

I sooooo need a swift and ball winder. I should just order them for myself through the shop, but that's alot of yarn money you know?

I am still working on the UFOs and am updating the list as needed. A few things have been finished, a few things have been frogged, and a few things have been - well - ignored. For instance I'm pretending that the bagsmith purse kit doesn't exist you see. I am doing this mostly because I hate the damned thing. Sure it's cute and all and the pattern is pretty good - no mistakes, kind of enteresting, not hard, but have you ever knitted with satin cording? Let's just say IT'S NOT FUN!!!!! It hurts my hands and it's slippery as h*** and I am really hating it - wait we're ignoring it - hating what? I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Oh well! I'm still here and I'm ok - I'm getting through the day and knitting. Oh BTW - if you don't already - go listen to Cast-On podcasts - they are great and fun and funny!

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, March 17, 2006

To Let You Know

I'll be blogging sporadically for a while - hopefully more and more sooner rather than later as I have made so many friends through this medium. My mom passed away this past weekend. I need your prayers and hugs (virtual) for a while please. Thank all my friends who are local and are here for me - you are keeping me going.

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, March 10, 2006

This Day!

Today has been a wonderful day! It is beautiful outside 75 & sunny with tons of flowers blooming, my children have been charming and well behaved and tons of fun, no bills were in the mail, and we spent the morning buying yarn from Mark & Susie @ Kollage.

We had a great time and have some really gorgeous things ordered. Mark & Susie are a blast and we really enjoyed their company.

Sorry about no pics yesterday - yesterday was - well hard. Knit night was wonderful and lots of fun and much needed releif after receiving heartbreaking news from one of my very best friends. Please keep my friend in your prayers.

I did take lots of pictures and will have them posted tonight after I get a refresher on how to resample them and upload them to our ftp. I'm a very smart and clever kind of gal and you'd think I'd learn how to do the pics, but somehow I'm just not interested in holding the information in my head yet. Hey it's more fun to hold on to stuff like we ordered "Romance" and "Blissful" from Kollage, and we just got in Sienna, Ananas, trio, porto cervo, and sesamo from Tahki.

Anyway - I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ode to Calvin & Hobbes

After reading Mochi this morning I was reminded and reunited with my very favorite comic strip & comic artwork EVER, Calvin & Hobbes. His creative genius was reknowned and the fact that he could no longer be boxed into the Sunday paper format is inspring to me. I still have a folder full of my favorite strips from the paper - they were pinned to my walls in HS & college and some days were all that got me through the day.

What is it about that specific time in our lives that seems so magical and so pivotal? I could wax on about discovering ourselves and new found personal freedoms, but I think it was mostly boys and frat parties. Yep - that was it - stale beer in a cup and cover band while dancing in the parks. A time of very little responsibility and lots of organized fun - and someone else was paying all the bills. - Hey let's go back to that - I was good at school and my professors liked me - yeah - let's go back to that.

Ah, alas reality sets in as the children profess their hunger. Oh well. The batteries are chraged and I'll be taking pictures after I make breakfast for the munchkins.

To be continued...

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

While my Batteries Charge...

For the camera! - Get your mind out of there;-) Anyway pictures tomorrow or later tonight as the camera batteries are completely dead - both sets so... I've been working on the snakey scarf in Karaoke yarn and two - yes TWO red sweaters. Hopefully one will be finished for knit night and I can take it for show and tell.

March is my UFO month. There will be no UFO sightings in April (at least not any of these) so here is a list of things to finish - many of them are little bits of things that are just hanging around and some of them are bigger projects that I really need to get off my franny and get done - so deadline it is! March is decision time for these projects - some of them may need to find their final resting place at the bottom of the glorious frog pond - guess we'll see how it goes.

Wooly Stripes felted bag
Karaoke Snakey scarf
Michael's socks (Yes - THAT pair)
Toby's orange sweater
Mom's bulky pink house socks
Silk eye pillows
Lining & Ribbon Handles for Paintbox bag
Ribbon for Equinox stripe basket
Beaded handle for Easter basket
Pink Wrap/Shawl (it's been laguishing so long I had totally forgotten it)
Christmas stocking - toe & felting
Baby sock (#2 of pair for shop)
Pastel ankle socks (had to do something with all that yarn from the baby sock no?)
Anna's mohair/silk poncho -(finished & wearble, but still needs a few more flowers)
Purple Bagsmith Bag (what an albatross)
Seams in blue "Elaine" sweater (I had to rip the seaming out as it was UGLY)
Purple Baby bootie (seam the mate to the one in the shop)
Red "Laser" Sweater
Red Cotton Sweater
Susan's Afghan (crochet - but needs a little redesign)
Handles for 127 print bag (I REALLY HATE I-CORD!!!!!)
Zipper for Karoake felted pouch

See - most of those things are little and easily checked off, but I'm going to be busy getting everything else finished. Man it will feel good to check all these things off the list. Are you guys "LIST People" too? I find it so satisfying to mark things off - there's probably a self-help group for the level of obsession that I seem to have, but hey - it's still serving me well right now so...

Hey later this month, as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (train - what train?) I'll post a list of my stash and projects I want to work on - if I face it all in print right now I think I'll fall over. I need to figure out how to post the UFO list in my sidebar so I can keep track & mark things off.

Tomorrow pictures - and I'll tell you about my doggies.

I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What a Week

It's been a long week here. I know I promised pictures, but... soon. I'm feeling better - thanks to all!

We had Annie Modesitt in the shop on Friday and we had the BEST time. Annie is delightful and charming, full of wit and wisdom and she taught us a few knitting things too *grin*. I hope everyone enjoyed her as much as I did.

We're building a new bed for Toby right now so I better get back to that - I LOVE Ikea! but wanted to send a quick update!

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Anyone remember Bill the Cat? I am having a truly aaaaccccckkk! day. I am short tempered (moreso than usual - stop laughing) and cranky and just in general scattered. What should be a perfectly enjoyable day - gorgeous outside and all - is well - just an effort.

This week started out on the wrong foot anyway - I'll spare you the details of stomach flu - and although it was fiendish - at least it was fast. I spent 24-hours sick and 24-hours on the couch recovering and am now trying to pull myself together enough to seem human. Meanwhile I'm being a crappy secret pal and am behind on other things too.

So I've decided. I have decided that today will be better.

I will stop yelling at my children - who, no matter how much it seems so, are NOT out to drive me over the edge and are really just being 5 & 3.

I will stop freaking out that the tiny post office nearest my house (nevermind the fact that there are 3 more within 15 minutes) is closed from 12 - 1 for lunch - (hey we don't close for lunch) and that my secret pal and other buddies - along with the coffee company, the book club, and the phone people, won't have their mail soon enough because I didn't get there until 12:34 and I didn't feel like going back after my other errands.

I won't worry if my kids have to drink kool-aid instead of milk for breakfast AGAIN tomorrow because the aforementioned 5 & 3 year old angels were not about to make it on a grocery run - hey wait maybe I can get Casey to do that one on the way home - depends on if I can hold out the extra 15 minutes it will take him.

I will try to stop holding my breath from when said 3 year-old went to the bathroom at the shop and brought 2 4-foot fluorescent lightbulbs crashing to the ground all around him when the toilet seat lid tumbled off the hinges (oops). You just can't get to them fast enough when things like that happen.

And - I won't cry too much when I have to rip out 4 rows of silk because I missed a set of increases that far back and yes - believe me I've tried to fudge it - it matters, and it must be ripped out. I suppose that's what happens when you try to knit while you are still sick and should be in bed.

YES. I have decided that today will be better - today WILL be better or I'm going to hurl something through a window just so I can hear that satisfying crashing sound (not satisfying when your children make it). Too bad knitting doesn't make that sound when you rip it out - wouldn't it be more gratifying?

I think Mommy needs a drink with dinner - maybe I'll have Casey pick up orange juice at the grocery.

Sorry for the gripes - back to knitting tomorrow I promise - hey and pictures too!

I'll keep you posted!