Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mixed Bag of Tricks or Treats

Happy Halloween! I mean I guess happy? I really don't care for Halloween - now Fall - I dig Fall, but Halloween - the jury's still out and it doesn't look good.

I always went door to door as a kid - dressed up as an angel, a robot, Shirley Temple (do kids even know who that is anymore?), or some other non-creepy character and we had fun, but in the last 20+ years Halloween has become something different, something darker and more dangerous. I wonder if parents are aware that their pre-teen and teenagers are out smashing pumpkins (breaking tiny hearts), egging houses, scaring (really scaring) the small children, etc. Where are the parents that these behaviors go unnoticed and unchecked? Why is it that Halloween is the second biggest spending holiday - it's right behind Christmas? What happened to homemade costumes and creativity - NO - now we need the $200.00 Princess Fluff & Stuff Ensemble - for a 5 year old!

But then, I have two small children who want to dress up and carve pumpkins and go out for candy, so we do. We have homemade Princess and Firefighter costumes made from regular dress up clothes and stuff we have around (grand total I think $3.00 for some glitter face paint) and we'll got out and ring doorbells tonight with the other families. We will have fun and the kids will no doubt be precious.

I still don't like Halloween.

I'll keep you posted!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

If Pretty Little Bluebirds Fly...

Many works in progress around here, and while I'd like to blame my slacker-posting on that - the ugly truth is I've just been lazy about getting photos taken and posted.

We're (the kids & I) having fun reading (I'm enjoying this and this) and learning and studying, as well as crafting and sewing, and knitting and getting things organized to take photos (since I'm so good at that) keeps getting bumped to the end of the list. Then I feel bad about posting without pictures (kind of dull) so I just don't post - not a good cycle.

Today as soon as the sun came out (well as much as it's going to) I dragged everything out and grabbed the camera. Daddy's not available to take my photos this weekend so I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it - bear with me please.

Here is Toby on his birthday - he turned 4 this past Monday and we had fun - just family and lots of fun.

Borthday Boy

This is another tea towel I'm working on (Christmas gifts) - they are fun and I'm really enjoying making each of them. I am making 4 each of 3 different designs. You've seen the cherries and now the bluebirds. You'll have to wait for design #3 (probably next weekend).

These are Toby's birthday socks - yes I realize I'm past the deadline; I am waiting to finish them during the class I'm teaching, as the example. They are made from 1 skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in the color Rainbow and I'm using size 3 needles (2-circulars) with just a basic 2 x 2 ribbed leg sock pattern.

Toby's Socks

Here is a finished patchwork baby bib. I think they turned out really cute and they are such fun to make. I've got 10 of them for sale in my shop . Several of them coordinate, but each of them is completely unique. They are made from 100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread with hand-dyed batiks and poly/cotton blend trim & ties. All are quilted and all are one of a kind.

Patchwork Funky Baby Bib

I'm still working on the sock knitting totes - hopefully finished up by the weekend. The converted garage/craftroom isn't heated so I find myself avoiding it in the early mornings and late evenings (prime sewing times at my house). I located the space heater yesterday and things are warming up!

Still looking forward to knit night!

I'll keep you posted!


Knit Night!

WooHoo! I finally get to go back to knit night for a couple of weeks. My thursday meetings are over for the next few weeks and so tonight I get to go giggle with my friends. I can't wait! Now I just have to figure out what to take with me...

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, October 20, 2006


Jeffrey Won! I'm so glad. I loved Uli's show, Laura's was appropriately stuffy - exquisite, but stuffy and cold, Michael's was rather "Hoochie Mama!" but there were some really creative pieces.

I like Jeffrey - I know he was portrayed as a total ass, but I think alot of that was editing, and alot of it was just "I don't have time for your crap!" attitude - which I can relate to.

Way to go - now when does season 4 begin?

My WIP Friday will be a little late this week as I've been running today and haven't made any pictures. I have a socktoberfest update, a WIP update, and a shop update to photograph and take care of over the next two days. Thanks for hanging with me through the pictureless days!

I'll keep you posted!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Project Runway that is. Andrea loaned me the DVD's of season 2 (I'm ready for season 1 now - I know you're through them *grin*) and I've been watching for the past few days. As a result I've gotten lots of embroidery finished.

I am working on design #2 and it's more involved than the cherries, it's really sweet little bluebirds and it's fun - keeps my hands busy.

Now I better go make sure we have popcorn onhand for the season finale of Season 3 Project Runway - I rooting for Jeffrey!

I'll keep you posted!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Three Words...

Maple Machiatto; Yum-O!

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, October 13, 2006

WIP Friday

I've been sewing this week. Making some items for gifts, for give-aways, and for the shop. I'm having a good time and trying to use what I have. I did hit the quilt shop yesterday for some more fatquarters; I needed backing for the bibs I'm making.

I get a little woozy in the batik section of the shop and I always buy more than I plan to. I'm blaming the fabric dyes - yeah that's it. It couldn't be that I just lose control when it comes to colors and patterns and just about anything hand-dyed - NOPE - it MUST be the fumes from the fabric dyes.

I'm teaching a class this Saturday (and for the two following) on socks. I'm teaching the socks on two circular needles method. It's going to be fun! If any of you are interested - there is still room in the class. The Purly Gates is the knit shop in Marietta, GA where I work and teach - check us out!

OK - Photos of the works in progress:

wip bib close
An overview of the past couple of days, more socks knitting totes, and some patchwork baby bibs.
And here's a bib "flower" just for fun!

As soon as everything is finished I'll have Daddy shoot photos and I'll post them here and in the shop. Meanwhile - have you checked out Lolly's page - there are some GREAT photos of finished socks, etc. Oh and go see Stacie's new yarn storage unit that her hubby built for her!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am a crappy photographer. I have a digital camera so that I can shoot and shoot and shoot until something comes out right. My father, on the other hand, is a very very good photographer. So he will be taking all of my shop photos from now on. Now, I'd better go call and let him know.

I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Before and After

Lunch that is.

Andrea and Katey came over for an impromptu lunch and we had the best time. They both ate my Rachael Ray modified recipe and enjoyed it. That makes me happy! It makes me happy because I enjoy cooking for and feeding my friends, AND they are both fairly particular eaters so them liking it is a HUGE compliment! Thanks Guys! We did some yarn and fabric swapping and a good time was had by all!

Before lunch I was sewing strips of leftover fabric together and after lunch I began hacking up the strip units and sewing them back together into squares. I am making random patchwork baby bibs and it's fun just throwing the fabric together. I should have some finished bibs by the end of the week.

I'll keep you posted!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Anna and Baby Xander

Anna and Xander
My newest nephew Xander.

He's the one all the past baby stuff has been made for. He's very sweet and completely squooshable. Makes me think another would be nice. Then my two start konking each other on the head and I remember why we only have two - NO energy left for #3. I love the idea of lots of kids, I just don't think I'm wired for it. I'm too high-strung.

Who likes to cook? I LOVE To cook - not so much with the baking, but I LOVE to cook. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie and kongo squares at Christmas, but that's about all I do in the baking department aside for them occasional cake mix or brownie mix - I'm pretty good at add eggs, stir, dump cook. Back to cooking.

I LOVE Rachael Ray and her cooking methods & philosophies. Her style is what I grew up with - a little of this, some more of that, and tada! Dinner's ready. Just like Alicia is a Barefoot Contessa devotee, I am a Rahael Ray junkie! I've been using her books lately for dinners and the family is happy (and full). I love to eat at home with my family all around me. We've been (ok I've been) struggling this spring and summer to be home and scheduled. I haven't wanted to plan or follow-through on anything. Sometimes it was just too hard. I'm enjoying the new groove and we're eating better and healthier. It's still hard to function with a giant part of my life missing, but I'm trying and you, my friends, help me daily. Thank you!

Love and Prayers to Laurie who is travelling this week - hope you get to see the Mythbusters again!

We're cooking at home this week, knitting socks, embroidering (as soon as I go get another skein of green), and sewing. What are you doing this week?

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, October 06, 2006

W.I.P. Friday

Cheery Cherry Towel:
Cheery Cherry Towel

Fun Day, but not much time for posting - sewing to do. Shop update to come soon!!!

I'll keep you posted!


Thursday, October 05, 2006


Lolly, our socktoberfest maven, posed the following questions:

When did you first start making socks and how did you learn?
About a year ago - I started with a felted Christmas stocking and went from there. I just followed the pattern (Fibertrends 204x) and it was really easy.

What was your 1st pair and have they held up over time?
My first PAIR of socks was for my son Toby and yes! They are made from Plumouth Sockota and are now too small, but he won't let me give them away.

What would you have done differently?
Used larger needles and longer ribbing

What method do you use? Crochet, DPN, Magic Loop...?
I started on 5 DPNs and enjoyed it that way, but 2-circs has become my favorite. It is truly super fast and I can use a bigger needle for most of the sock and tiny ones for the bottom to make the socks stronger and more comfortable.

What heel is your favorite?
Heel Flap - it works and it's very durable. Plus it's really fun to work.

How many pairs have you made?
About six, but I'm working on that...

I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Have you guys been HERE to my friend's blog? Linda is great. She's a nice lady and knits really beautiful things. I hate her! NO NOT REALLY!!! I promise. It's just that, well, after reading a few of her posts I was inspired to do a REALLY dumb thing.

You see that number in the title, that is the total yardage of knitting/crocheting yarn I have in my stash. Yeah I know - that's alot. That's the count AFTER I purged the stash. It's insane or I am or maybe both??? That's ok - I am also inspired to stashbust and knit the yarn I already have as I sorted it all out by project and am ready to go.

I'm not saying that I'm on a yarn "diet" just that I will really be thinking about every purchase (if there are any). I have new perspective though and that's good so maybe it wasn't dumb after all.

In totally unrelated news, my friend's Miata was stolen right from under her deck. REALLY - it was parked behind the house where it can't even be seen from the street and now - POOF! Gone! Mean People SUCK!!!

I'll keep you posted!