Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Have You Been Knitting?"

That's what my friend asks me everyday. Some days "yes", but lately most days "No." Lately I've been reading. I posted back in January about books I want to read this year. Some I've gotten to, some I'm getting to, and most of what I read wasn't anywhere near the list.

So far I have read:
Grace Walk
Eat, Pray, Love, (Gag on your own 'god of self-importance')
The Golden Compass
Along Came a Spider
The Lovely Bones
The Storekeeper's Daughter
Tuesdays with Morrie
and it seems like there is one more I can't remember - oh well.

I'm enjoying myself and looking forward to more, but I better warm up the crochet hooks and get to work on a few afghans I want to make for the holidays and maybe a bag for myself.

I've been giving away and selling yarn and I still have more to sort through, but lots is already posted on my Ravelry - Lynne K. if you're interested in anything just let me know - it's yours! - I can send it with Casey for you.

I'll keep you posted!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Poor Neglected Little Blog...

What did it ever do to me except bring me laughs and friends and a place to share my thoughts? And here I'm off living my life while this helpful, friendly little blog gathers much dust. Well believe me little blog - you aren't the only thing gathering dust at my place.

Let's see - since we last met...

New car
New Bed
Got back to ACTUAL TiVo instead of that cable DVR CRAP!
New Socks (for me)
Lots of yarn purging
New Books
New Outlook on Life and Family

I'll return soon I hope - the blog just hasn't been on the list lately, but I'm missing it so...

I'll keep you posted!


Monday, March 03, 2008

Yay! My Computer is Fixed

Casey touched my computer and it broke - that's what I'm going with anyway. Now he's replaced the HD in my mac-mini and while it isn't silent as it was before - it does actually work now, which is better. Now to get everything reloaded and transferred over - ugh. I'll be back soon - lots going on - lots to tell you!

I'll keep you posted!