Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WFMW: The Bees Have It

So I'm still making yo-yos and I cannot WAIT to show you what I'm making, but as the project is still rather amorphous wait I shall.

I was making yo-yos and dealing with knotty thread - UGH! So I went out and bought this:

Beeswax Helper

Quilter's Beeswax.

I was so desperate that I even paid full price at Jo-Ann's - which just isn't done (it was not pricey - it's the principle).

It is all natural beeswax and if I was in the neighborhood I'd have picked up a small bit at the healthfood store, but - you know - desperate!

The Bees have done their duty (thanks Bees) and now my thread glides through the fabric like a dream.

I'll keep you posted!



Anonymous said...

My daughter and I learned about beeswax to keep thread from knotting from one of the books we got at We used it hard when making these sewing kits -

I can't beleive how much it helps! Our local farmers market sells it (but not in that nifty case).

Can't wait to see the yo yo's!

Heart of Wisdom said...

We used it too. Those silly bees...

Thanks for sharing

Bethany Hissong said...

As a newer sewer I really didn't know what it was. Thanks for teaching me something!!!