Monday, April 04, 2011

I Might Be In Love...

With my pressure cooker that is.

I've had a very nice pressure cooker for years (many years) and have never used it.  I have fear of "learning curve."  Anyway - last week I decided it was TIME to master the pressure cooker.  So I looked up the information for how to cook black beans and gave it a go.

It was so EASY!  The black beans turned out perfectly and were ready in less than 30 minutes.  AWESOME!  Now I'm like a woman possessed.  I want to know what ELSE I can make in the pressure cooker (in under 30 minutes).

Had I known - I'd use the pressure cooker all the time.  NOW - I will.

Last week I also made:

Kale chips - I liked (though too salty) the kids almost liked.  They ate one and said "Hmm, that's pretty good."  Then as they finished they sneared and said "they taste like Kale at the end!"  We'll try them again later (I got these a little too toasty).


Speckled Butter Beans - always a win.  I now make them vegetarian for Anna, but they're so good I almost don't miss the bacon (almost).

What are your favorite pressure cooking adventures?  I'd love to hear your best tips and recipes.

I'll keep you posted!