Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6 Random Facts Meme

Paper Dolls for Boys tagged us all for this Meme - so here goes:

1. I sang in several choral groups in college under the fantastic direction of Dr. Z and now I have an incredibly difficult time singing in a church choir because I am such a COMPLETE choir snob.

2. I CANNOT see those stupid Magic Eye pictures - even after hours of standing in the mall staring during the early 1990s. Come to find out it's b/c of a eye-dominance problem that I cannot see them - I still maintain that there is nothing there.

3. I like to make more than one (sometimes many more) of any craft I make because I like the production and assembly process. One of those personality tests (you know the ones you take to find out if you have any personality) would probably determine that I am well suited for factory or assembly line work (don't know though - never taken on just in case it tells me that I in fact have no personality).

Yo-Yo's galore
hence nearly 350 yo-yos made over the past two weeks

4. My first car was a Yellow VW SuperBeetle that was made the year I was born; I still miss it.

5. I don't believe that hell is a place so much as it is a state of total separation from God.

6. Toast is one of my favorite foods.

7. (for bonus points) My SIL once told Casey and I that being with us was like living in a musical because we spontaneously "Burst into song."

I didn't find that difficult at all - my life is pretty random.

I'll keep you posted!



Apron Thrift Girl said...

I think the musical comment from your SIL is such a compliment. Dh and I love bursting into song although I must admit it is usually when we are alone.

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I laughed at number 2. Me too! I just stare and stare and nothing. Eye-dominance? Sounds like something I would have!

Thanks for playing. It's good to get to know you better!