Wednesday, January 23, 2013




I finally finished all of the blocks for Easy Street - the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  My points are not perfect and my seams are not precision, but I love it.  I really enjoyed the process and I am going to love the quilt.  It IS a work in progress as I must assemble the blocks and then add some borders - I think emerald green batik - then I will send it out for quilting.  I'd like to be one of those people who says "I do all my own stunts, er quilting" and I could be, but it would cost me a left rotator cuff and some nerve damage in my elbows and wrists.  Alas I will listen to my body, take it easy, and leave the quilting to someone else.

Toffee Helped some more - in that way kitties are experts at...


With Easy Street almost finished I hope to make progress on the rest of my finish along projects.  Of course I've got about 10 new ideas banging around in my head and if I send out a few more quilts to longarm services I might even get to them.

For more WIP Wednesday posts check HERE and see what others are doing.

We had a super fun/busy weekend (more on that later) and things look to be super busy for a while.  I'm trying to 'go with it' and 'enjoy the moment' - you can stop laughing any time now.


Stop laughing!

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress Hinderances

This is Toffee

She's helping me finish Easy Street

I'll keep you posted!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Planning is Everything...

That's what I've heard anyway.

I find that planning is NEVER my struggle.  DOING is my struggle.  My theme for 2013 is DO MORE!

In keeping with my DO MORE theme I joined the 2013 Finish Along HERE where you can also join in.  I am keeping a running list of all my UFO's as Rhonda suggested.   I know that the running list will keep me motivated and organized.

Finish Along Q1

A mosaic of my UFOs (not the blue denim owl - he's a cute sewing kit buddy)

From top left to bottom right:
1. Dino Quilt
2. Mermaid Quilt
3. Strip sets for both robot quilt and sailing quilt
4. Easy street
5. 'Nest' quilt
6. Anna Maria turning 20 quilt
7. Easy Street with kitty helper
8. Madras quilt
9. Dr. Who Owl (not on list above but it should be)
10. Zombie Dice (not on list above but it should be)
11. CT Tumbler topper
12. Spaceman quilt
13. Binding for Anna's flannel quilt (which needs to be basted)
14. Hexie Runner 1 (hexie runner 2 is that same but needs borders added)
15. Dresden Plate topper 1
16. Dresden plate topper 2
17. Ruby tumbler baby quilt
18. Anna's floral quilt (I thought this was further along)
19. Log cabin runner
20. Vintage hand pieced runner 1
21. Vintage hand pieced runner 2
22. Large Floral Quilt
23. Baby bears quilt
24. Painting all hanging
25. Floral Xs & Os quilt (not on list above but it should be)
26. Tiny Stitches BOM (not a finish along project)
27. Denim Sewing Owl Buddy (not a finish along project)
28. Hexies pic 1
29. Hexies pic 2

See all those hexies?  There are 3 bags of them and if you look closely you'll see the number '1000' printed on the bag.  YEP!  It's official.  I am a crazy person.  I only have about 800 left to make, but I might be changing my layout plan - in which case I have more than enough already made.

Can you tell from the state of my project stalls that I DETEST basting?  I wonder if I can pay the long arm services to do basting for me; would the threads be a problem for my machine quilting? Hmmm?

I am excited to get to work on these projects and mark them off the UFO list!

Oh and one more picture of my Gracie Lou helping me work on Easy Street - see the links to more projects HERE.

What are YOU working on?

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, January 04, 2013

I've Got Nothing...

I tried for a clever post title, but it's very late and I'm all out of creative juice.  I'm busy sewing this week and not at the computer as much.

The final instructions for Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street are posted and it's quite a dynamic quilt.  I know I'm going to love my color choices in the completed project.  I'm not finished with mine as I've been taking Anna back and forth to Horseback Riding Camp everyday this week so drive time is taking a HUGE chunk out of my sewing time.  It's worth it as Anna is LOVING camp.

I finished sewing a flannel quilt for Toby and am now taking ibuprofen for my sore wrists & elbows (I need a higher/better chair).

I began sewing the pinkest quilt I've ever seen for a special small friend and I hope she loves it when it's finished.

I'm working on about a dozen things at the moment and feeling more than a bit frenzied.  I have 6 quilts ready to baste (I HATE BASTING - more than I hate purling) and quilt - a BIG pile up.  My friend Pam's tolerance for 'pile up' is 2 - she's motivated and driven and must have a better basting method than I.  Pam hosts the Hip to Be a Square Podcast. - Check it out when you get a chance.  She makes me laugh and I think she'll make you laugh too.

I'll have pictures after the weekend - and more to tell about my plans for the new year.

I'll keep you posted!