Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I am SO tired...

But the shop is looking GREAT!!!!! The rebuild is complete and the space is bright and crisp and HUGE!!! We're pricing and stocking and pricing and stocking and well - you get it. I can't wait for knit night tomorrow.

I've been working on fingerless mitts for my SIL Christmas gift and still working on the birthday socks (frogging these may be in my near future - thinking lately that they may not fit). Like many others in the blogging community I just can't seem to settle in on a great project right now. Maybe it's the weather or the circumstance of the country or just my own restlessness, but things are not coming easily for me lately on the knitting front.

I hope that now with the build complete and soon with the yarn all restocked that I'll settle in for some really great fall & Christmas knitting.

I'd better finish the mitts tonight so I can mark one more name off of my Christmas list.

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So they are late...

So my brother's "birthday" socks are not finished - BIG surprise. They will be finished next weekend. I would finish them by this weekend except everything is on hold while we get ready for Anna's birthday party.

We're also moving the craftroom to the current playroom and creating a seperate bedroom for Anna - LOTS of work before the weekend. Needless to say the house is a mess and most of my knitting is on hold.

The shop is even a mess and my projects there are on hold while we expand and rebuild. The construction is going well, but there is so much to do. Then after it's all built we have to stock everything - YIKES! Busy Busy Busy!

In the meanwhile I ordered more yarn from Knitpicks and a pattern for 2-needle fingerless "gloves?" . The yarn is to make the "gloves" and andean silk to make a bolero jacket for Anna - from Debbie Bliss Junior Knits book.

I hear the laundry calling me now (ahh domestic bliss).

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ever Try...

To do something in a hurry and it turns out all wrong no matter how many times you try it? WELL.... so it has become with the "birthday socks." I cast on 5 times and ripped out every one. I used bigger needles, I used smaller needles. I used more stitches, I used fewer stitches. I used a fancy cable patters, I used a standard sock pattern. Still NOTHING worked!

So, I changed yarn to good old Plymouth sockotta cotton/wool/nylon blend and am working with it - tried and true I get the correct guage and KNOW that the socks will fit when finished (which may be Christmas - this remains to be seen). I know I shouldn't have started a rush project on a new yarn - it was just so yummy and pretty that I wanted to use it. Guess we'll save the wool cable socks for Christmas - they will wear better then anyway.

On a brighter note: I GET TO GO BACK TO KNIT NIGHT THIS WEEK!! Sorry for yelling - I'm just VERY excited about it. It's been two months and I really miss going. Ahh - finally! Now I must work on the socks.

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Socks on the Fly

Well I cast on for my brother's socks this morning - I should get some serious knitting time this weekend and need it to get these socks finished. We'll see if they can be birthday socks or if they will get relegated to Christmas. Wish me luck!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Working on Now

I'm working on a new felted tote bag out of Tahki's 127 print in 4 different colors - it's coming out pretty nicely. I'm about to cast on for My brother's birthday socks (which may end up being Christmas socks) and I've got the plush vest and afghan going - the purple purse is on indefinite hold!

I've got a pink multi-yarn monstrosity that I need to turn into something gorgeous within a couple of weeks - lots of untying and frogging involved with novelty yarns - ugh!!!

I'm glad to see the total for Katrina relief growing so rapidly - thanks knitters!!!

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Updates Updates Updates

For those of you who are interested we have been inundated with new arrivals at the shop: Please stay tuned for more details. We're also expanding next week and the AC is FINALLY going to be fixed as well.

My finished project list continues to grow - most recently with Toby's orange sweater, and 50% of a cotton chenille flower washcloth. I will cast on for my brother's birthday socks this weekend and hopefully get them well underway.

I received my knitpicks order and my ybtb order this week and am trying desperately to stay focused on what I've already got going. The brown socks for my bro with the KP yarn may be enough to satisfy my "use the new stuff NOW!" urge - we'll see.

I also ordered some clearance Patons Fresco to make kid's sweaters from - it should be here next week. I think I may need to do that "yarn diet" thing I keep reading about, but with working in the shop it's like being on a low-carb diet and working in a bakery.

Casey's new job is still FABULOUS!!! They are instituting a company-wide telecommute day (considering gas prices and other things) on Wednesdays - the day I work in the shop and need someone to watch my Toby! Praise GOD! Can it get better?

I'm hoping to put up pictures this weekend. My cousin Taylor (15) will be here and I'll use her as a prop - uh model for some pics.

I added the Katrina Releif button - please find more info about that here and help as you feel led.

That's all I know for now.

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tag - I'm It

Thanks Stephanie for tagging me:

10 years ago Casey and I were in Disney world. While we were there (and blissfully unaware) the OJ trial verdict was handed down, and hurricane Opal hit ground as we flew home - now Casey has to fly with valium.

5 years ago I was 8+ months pregnant with Anna when my Daddy fell off a loading dock, broke two ribs and proceeded to nearly DIE when one of the ribs severed the artery in his diaphragm. ICU for nearly 20 days - Daddy went home the day Anna was born. I was going to the ob/gyn once/week by now and they kept telling me "take it easy - it's time to relax and coast on in now..." YEAH RIGHT!

1 year ago We opened the yarn shop, meanwhile Casey was killing himself working 20 hours/day trying to get a computer program finished for tyrants who THANK GOD!!! he doesn't work for any longer. We are so grateful that God gave us new opportunities!

Yesterday We had sit-down dinner out as a family at a regular dinner hour (not possible 1 year ago - or even 1 month ago b/c of working too much)

Today is the next to last Thursday that I have to miss "Knit Night" at the shop - I ordered clearance yarn online so I don't feel deprived ;)

5 Snacks I enjoy popcorn, chips & salsa, cucumbers with herb cream cheese and prosciutto, marshmallows, Coke

5 Songs I Know all the words to Particle Man, King of the Road, Night & Day, You Don't Know Me, Run for the Roses

5 things I'd do with $100 Million Money can't buy the one thing I want most in life - my mother's health back - other than that I really just want to be out of debt - which we are working on!

5 things I will never wear Lauren says "never say never" but I disagree ;) a Tube Top (even with the eventual results of "Curves" - the girls won't go for a Tube Top), G-string undies (ouch!), Flip-flops (I seem to have something against 'thongs' in general), white after Labor Day - regardless of what the fashion mavens say, and blue eyeshadow (at least not since middle school - I promise)

5 Favorite TV shows Does CSI count as 1 or 3? Does Law & Order count as 1 or 3? Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis (aslo referred to as "Hunky Daniel" show), Crafters Coast to Coast, and oh kill me now - Everwood.

5 Favorite Toys Knitting needles - esp my DPNs lately and my beloved Addi Turbos!, Cell Phone - even though I'm still unsure of how to retrieve my voicemail, CD Player, TIVO!!!!!!!, My Red KitchenAid Stand Mixer

5 Biggest Joys My beloved & my Babies (that's 3) and 2 of my three dogs - it's always 2 at a time ;) one is usually in trouble at any given moment.

I'll keep you posted!