Thursday, August 11, 2005

Will the stress ever end???

Oh this stress of Casey Job hunting! He's been interviewing with one company for several days/weeks now and we should know within the week. The waiting is almost killing me! I've been knitting like a madwoman to keep myself sane and it's only barely working.

I've completed one cute ankle sock, am almost finished with the capelet in the current Creative Knitting (making out of Dune), am more than half-way finished with a giant twisty cable scarf made from Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Grande (YUM!), and have completed 3 cotton chenille flower washcloths (weekend knitting - only I rewrote the pattern so I could knit it on straight needles) all withing the last two weeks. - I told you I was insane!

I hope we hear today - I don't know how much more waiting I can take. This job is the answer to many prayers and we want it so very much. Casey will be happy there and that's most important to me (of course nearly doubling his salary doesn't hurt, but...).

I'll keep you posted!


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