Thursday, August 18, 2005

On The Needles:

So currently I have the following projects "open" or on the needles,
Twisty Cable Scarf (our of Baby Alpaca Grande - yummy)
Tartelette Self Fringing Shawl
Casey's afghan
an ankle sock (#2)
Iceland felted clutch
Felted Christmas Stocking (only the toe decreases left to finish)
Silk Ruffle Scarf (may get ripped and become something lacey)
Purple Purse from you-know-where (anyone else crazy enough to try knitting with satin cording?)
Elaine baby sweater (just needs seaming)
Scarlet baby sweater (just needs seaming)
Plush chidren's vest
Two crocheted purses (just need seaming, lining & handles)

With the exception of the afghan, the plush vest, the silk scarf which has a dream of being a lace shawl, and the purple purse from - well, you know - I hope to have everything finished by the end of the weekend. I might have forgotten to mention that I'm obsessive and that I knit really fast. We'll see how it goes - the seaming projects may do me in.

You think that's alot? Wait until you see the "next in line" list...

I'll keep you posted!


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