Sunday, August 28, 2005

I must be dreaming

It seems that after about Tuesday - I'll have NOTHING (except Casey's afghan and the purple purse from you know where) left on the needles. Oh wait - I just remembered the Plush baby vest - I may not finish it by Tuesday night - phew! I was getting nervous.

I've left about 1/3 of the ankle sock for completion during an orientation meeting for Anna's new art school (I'm told it's fairly excruciating and I should bring LOTS to knit). I'll also cast on the last sleeve for Toby's sweater tomorrow morning and try to keep my hands off of it until meeting time.

I'm down to the DPNs on the soldier's helmut project and then just a few rows of picked up ribbing until completion. Good grief! I may have to resort to housework - someone please stop me :)

I'm going to get everything wrapped up and then re-evaluate where I'm going from here. It's really time to start knocking out the Christmas gift list and I have two birthday gifts to knit ASAP. Those will definitely be among the next group of "to do" items.

I don't know what I'll do if I get everything knitted in time for Christmas w/o a meltdown - there's still time though :)

I'll keep you posted!

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