Tuesday, August 09, 2005

If only there were more time!

I was just window shopping online for yarn and havecometo the conclusion that I could easily spend upwards of $2000.00/week on yarn - discounted at really GREAT sale prices mind you. If I had that kind of money I might consider spending it all on yarn as well, that is, if there were enough time to knit it all.

At some point Imust admit to myself that I can only knit for so many hours in the day before my children say- "Mommy we're VERY hungry." As it stands I have a hard time finding the children now as I've given up housecleaning in favor of knitting. Granted we can't have friends over anymore, but hey that would take time away from knitting anyway so...

Casey's interview went well yesterday and even WHEN hegets this job - the salary increase won't be enough to support my "window shopping" habit so...

I suppose sanity is relative anyway so for now I'm ok!

I'll keep you posted!

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