Saturday, August 13, 2005

He Got The Job!

Yeah!!! Casey got the job he's been wanting and it is so very perfect for him. PTL! We are very excited. I can't wait!

I've been knitting like mad lately and have several things to finish up this weekend. I've got a second ankle sock to knit, two children's sweaters to seam, a cable scarf to finish off, a small felted bag to finish (started while teaching a class today), a crochet washcloth to finish up, and 2 flower washcloths to seam up and weave-in ends. Not a great deal of work - just a little bit of many things. That's OK - I've got 2 hours of sci-fi TV to watch with Casey tonight so I'll get tons done during that.

I'm saving the sock for last as it's the project I most want to work on right now. It's my incentive project so...

I'll keep you posted,

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