Friday, August 29, 2008

Looky What I Learned...


girly hair 2

I did - I learned how to do something girly to Anna's hair. I learned from HERE and mine isn't as tidyb ,ut I tried it and it worked. Best of all it keeps the hair off her face and looks super cute (if I do say so myself).

I am NOT a fru-fru type gal. Pigtails and ponytails I get pretty good - I'll even put those cutsey little do-boppys in for her, but braiding or fancy stuff - NOT the first clue. I am glad to have resources and guts to try it and a girl who can deal with more than a little pulling. Anna is thrilled (even if I pull some) and I am willing to spend the time it takes (which is a while) to make her happy. I figure I'd better get all this in before she sarts with the "MOM - Puh-Leeese" when I ask to do her hair.

Here is a close up (please ignore the messy and un-even parts - we're still learning).

girly hair

There are more ideas I'd like to try so I guess I'd better learn to make a decent french braid. Fortunately I know just the gal who can teach me and hopefully it will only cost me a Grande Vanilla Latte.

Oh - if you are into super girl hair - check out this site and the contest she's having right NOW!

I'll keep you posted!



Visty said...

That is really adorable! I like yours better, as you can't see her scalp all over. I wish my girl would let me do that to her!

Anonymous said...

I'm hopeless. I'm at the she does hair blog, but I can't figure out which style you used. Yes, I really need that much help. Please. LOL!

I think my daughter would like the look your daughter has - but I can't for the life of me figure out how you did this.