Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In THIS Moment Today

As I listen to the rain and plan my day the world keeps turning as:

A friend battles red tape and paperwork while watching her hero disintegrate mentally and physically before her eyes. One welcomes a perfect new life into this world, while yet another makes the decisions preparing for the final days. Still others struggle to find their way after God has called home their compass, their beacon, their safe harbor. As one dissolves an unfulfilled dream and marriage another anticipates an anniversary and a birth.

My children grow and play and learn and laugh everyday overcoming the great obstacles of life and I pray for them. I pray for their safety and their wisdom and their strengths and their courage to face all of the challenges that life will present. I pray that they will have the courage and the strength of character and the support of loved ones and friends that each of my friends mentioned above possess. I pray for those friends and others and those without friends to pray for them. I pray for myself, as sometimes I still feel so unbearably lost and all I want to do is call my mom.

While you plan your day remember that wherever you are in life - you are NOT alone and someone is praying for and thinking of you.

I'll keep you posted!


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