Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Planning Monday - finally

Finally back to the menu planning - we've been eating out and going out and bringing home and NOT cooking - time's up for that.

In no particular order for the next two weeks:

Turkey Burgers
Summer Sausage w/Mixed veggies & rice
Cheese Tortellini alfredo (yum is was good last night)
Sweet Potato Chicken Stoup (Rachael Ray favorite)
Chicken & dressing casserole
Breakfast Burritos
Breakfast for Dinner (including pancakes)
Taco Casserole (thank you Andrea for the recipe)
Salmon croquettes
Tuna Steaks
Baked chicken with Brown rice
Tuna Salad

Of course there are sides, etc. with all of that, but with all the lesson planning I'm doing for the next school year (it's a hard age spread this year) a list is as good as it gets - but it isn't take-away! Check HERE for even more menus and meal ideas.

Thanks for your support while I'm busy planning - this homeschool thing is a tough job (SO worth it for us) - especially when you're not an "color within the lines" kind of family.

I'll keep you posted!



Amy T said...

Looks like a great menu. Sometimes we get on eat-awy kicks, but it's always so nice to get back to home cooking!

Grumpy said...

You wanna come plan my menus too?

Btw, in lesson planning I found a cool math site....
there is a list across the top of the page for grade levels. Looks interesting! :)