Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different:

Lighten Up would ya? OK - OK - it's gotten very serious around here lately - what's up with that?!? BUM-MER!

Works-for-Me-Wednesday OR Me, Working-for-Wednesday - some crafting updates:

The yo-yos are still taking shape and will make their debut next week (they are very excited and cannot wait - they've even been giving me photo tips - the divas).

I've got 4 current (we won't discuss the long-time UFOs) sewing projects in various working stages:

2 sets of placements - these again need to be quilted and bound, but are also simple to finish so I'll work on them this weekend.

Coasters - I have several sets of coasters at the 50% mark - they need to be stuffed (tedious therefore unfinished) and quilted.

A Quilt top - finished the top just need to buy backing/binding fabric and then do the quilting, etc - I like th patchwork process so much better than the quilting - wish I could afford to pay someone to do ALL my quilting and finishing, but I have to save that for the really fancy ones.

I'm also cleaning out the craft room (again) and purging LOTS of stuff including books, misc. crafting items, maybe my knitting machine (maybe), and more. I have too much stuff and I can't use any of it because I have NO room to work.

On Deck for the rest of the summer/fall are the following projects (many for holiday gifts):

  • Finishing 3 quilts (did I mention I stall out after piecing the tops?)

  • Making 2 new quilts

  • Reupholstering the couch & chairs

  • Reupholstering the chair & 1/2 for craft room

  • Making clothes for the children

  • Embroidering dishtowels and napkins

  • And More

Between all that crafting, homeschooling, cleaning, and new activities for both the children and myself - I'm excited. I know this will be a busy and productive time and I can't wait. What have you got planned for the fall?

I learned something new this week too - I'll show you tomorrow.

Be sure to leave a comment about your plans and be sure to check out Works for Me Wednesday links.

I'll keep you posted!



Grumpy said...

I have a brilliant idea! you teach me to quilt and that will help you finish your unfinished quilt projects! LOL!

Someday I'll learn.

Me, I'm finishing up some stuff.
* Gift A - needs a zipper (still)
* Gift B - stalled out at the 1/2 way point (needs to complete and add buttons)
* I should make a baby gift.
* 2 crochet Dolls currently finished just need clothes & faces to really finish them.

Mom2fur said...

Now that it's cooling down, I'm going to get up into the attic more and, like Grumpy puts it...dejunk, dejunk, dejunk.
Sewing/craft-wise I'm working on a few tops for myself. My big, ambitious sewing project is a jacket. I've been sewing over 30 years and this will be the first time I'm attempting one with a full lining. I also copied a free pants pattern from the Burda site, and I'll be making a muslin of those with some clearance fabric I bought. I hope to alter the pattern to finally make pants that fit me (I usually have to buy them off the rack). The fabric only cost $1.95 so I'm not out anything if I goof up.
BTW, I don't know which of your fabrics I like more--the sock monkeys or the kids on the beach!