Sunday, October 08, 2006

Anna and Baby Xander

Anna and Xander
My newest nephew Xander.

He's the one all the past baby stuff has been made for. He's very sweet and completely squooshable. Makes me think another would be nice. Then my two start konking each other on the head and I remember why we only have two - NO energy left for #3. I love the idea of lots of kids, I just don't think I'm wired for it. I'm too high-strung.

Who likes to cook? I LOVE To cook - not so much with the baking, but I LOVE to cook. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie and kongo squares at Christmas, but that's about all I do in the baking department aside for them occasional cake mix or brownie mix - I'm pretty good at add eggs, stir, dump cook. Back to cooking.

I LOVE Rachael Ray and her cooking methods & philosophies. Her style is what I grew up with - a little of this, some more of that, and tada! Dinner's ready. Just like Alicia is a Barefoot Contessa devotee, I am a Rahael Ray junkie! I've been using her books lately for dinners and the family is happy (and full). I love to eat at home with my family all around me. We've been (ok I've been) struggling this spring and summer to be home and scheduled. I haven't wanted to plan or follow-through on anything. Sometimes it was just too hard. I'm enjoying the new groove and we're eating better and healthier. It's still hard to function with a giant part of my life missing, but I'm trying and you, my friends, help me daily. Thank you!

Love and Prayers to Laurie who is travelling this week - hope you get to see the Mythbusters again!

We're cooking at home this week, knitting socks, embroidering (as soon as I go get another skein of green), and sewing. What are you doing this week?

I'll keep you posted!



Linda said...

Hi Amy. I HATE to cook. Tonight, I slept through dinner and Ken ate a turkey pot pie. I have no clue what my daughter ate, but she's 22 and should be able to fend for herself.

I'm studying a lot this week (yuck!), knitting a little, and sleeping in between. Reading of any sort just knocks me out.

Just now I'm off to a guitar lesson. My instructor is a saint. He won't complain once about the fact that I haven't picked the guitar up all week.

Hope you have a good week

FaeryCrafty said...

How adorable!!!!!!