Monday, May 08, 2006

Just when you thought you'd seen everything...

You find THIS. also I have pictures!!! I finished 5 baby bibs and 2 baby washcloths for my SIL shower - not bad for $4.00 huh? And I seamed up the EZ Baby surprize jacket. I also made some felted crochet bowls for teacher gifts. I made a bunch of the bowls. I mean really - why make one when you can make, say, 10. That's right - 10 - in less than a week. Crochet is FAST!!! I still have two more to felt and don't have pics of most of them b/c we gave them to the kids teachers today, but they were cute too!

Kimono 1 kimono 2
Baby Bibs, etc. Washcloth Beginning
EZ Baby Surprise jacket Felted Bowl
Bowls before & After Anna feet

I also found the Mason Dixon KAL page today and will probably post to it later as I've already completed the baby kimono (also for my SIL) and am in the middle of the petal shaped dishcloth (need some size 8 DPNs to finish). I'll be making the slip stitch dishcloths soon too as well as several other items from the book. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this book? I think one of the reasons I like it so much is that all of the items in it are things you can actually USE - and most are really quick to finish.

Thanks to all who wished me well on my birthday. I had a good day. Katey & Jana took me to dinner and then we went to the knitting guild meeting, which was kind of a snore (annual officer elections, etc. -zzzzzz), but we had fun and laughed alot. It was a really hard day for me without my mom, but Super friends and a GREAT family loved me through it.

My friend Laurie is in a rough spot with her mom again - virtual prayers and hugs to her right now please.

I'll keep you posted!



FaeryCrafty said...

Everything is too cute!

stephanie said...

please e-mail me.

Also, I have a set of sz 8 dpns you can borrow if you want.

alexandria said...

wow, those came out great!

katey and jana sound like awesome people. :)