Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Have you guys been HERE to my friend's blog? Linda is great. She's a nice lady and knits really beautiful things. I hate her! NO NOT REALLY!!! I promise. It's just that, well, after reading a few of her posts I was inspired to do a REALLY dumb thing.

You see that number in the title, that is the total yardage of knitting/crocheting yarn I have in my stash. Yeah I know - that's alot. That's the count AFTER I purged the stash. It's insane or I am or maybe both??? That's ok - I am also inspired to stashbust and knit the yarn I already have as I sorted it all out by project and am ready to go.

I'm not saying that I'm on a yarn "diet" just that I will really be thinking about every purchase (if there are any). I have new perspective though and that's good so maybe it wasn't dumb after all.

In totally unrelated news, my friend's Miata was stolen right from under her deck. REALLY - it was parked behind the house where it can't even be seen from the street and now - POOF! Gone! Mean People SUCK!!!

I'll keep you posted!



katey said...


Laurie's cute little car? Gone?


stephanie said...

oh that just sucks!! I'm sure laurie is most displeased.

anunmaker said...

didn't we decide that yardage was back and forth to the sun? I am sorry for Laurie. How long ago did this happen..someone obviously knew it was there...

Linda said...

Hi Amy. Sorry about your friend's car. Maybe her luck will change and it will be recovered soon.

It's amazing how quick the yardage adds up, isn't it? I didn't realize what a yarn habit I had until I saw the total yardage involved. My spreadsheet has really helped me destash. Still, I'm not convinced I wasn't happier living in denial.