Friday, October 13, 2006

WIP Friday

I've been sewing this week. Making some items for gifts, for give-aways, and for the shop. I'm having a good time and trying to use what I have. I did hit the quilt shop yesterday for some more fatquarters; I needed backing for the bibs I'm making.

I get a little woozy in the batik section of the shop and I always buy more than I plan to. I'm blaming the fabric dyes - yeah that's it. It couldn't be that I just lose control when it comes to colors and patterns and just about anything hand-dyed - NOPE - it MUST be the fumes from the fabric dyes.

I'm teaching a class this Saturday (and for the two following) on socks. I'm teaching the socks on two circular needles method. It's going to be fun! If any of you are interested - there is still room in the class. The Purly Gates is the knit shop in Marietta, GA where I work and teach - check us out!

OK - Photos of the works in progress:

wip bib close
An overview of the past couple of days, more socks knitting totes, and some patchwork baby bibs.
And here's a bib "flower" just for fun!

As soon as everything is finished I'll have Daddy shoot photos and I'll post them here and in the shop. Meanwhile - have you checked out Lolly's page - there are some GREAT photos of finished socks, etc. Oh and go see Stacie's new yarn storage unit that her hubby built for her!


anunmaker said...

The bibs are beautiful. I may have to try some of you just put a snap on the back? and where did you get the snaps. I may have to give you a call this weekend!

ikkinlala said...

I can barely resist batiks, and I hardly even sew, so those must be pretty powerful dyes!

The bibs are beautiful.