Thursday, October 05, 2006


Lolly, our socktoberfest maven, posed the following questions:

When did you first start making socks and how did you learn?
About a year ago - I started with a felted Christmas stocking and went from there. I just followed the pattern (Fibertrends 204x) and it was really easy.

What was your 1st pair and have they held up over time?
My first PAIR of socks was for my son Toby and yes! They are made from Plumouth Sockota and are now too small, but he won't let me give them away.

What would you have done differently?
Used larger needles and longer ribbing

What method do you use? Crochet, DPN, Magic Loop...?
I started on 5 DPNs and enjoyed it that way, but 2-circs has become my favorite. It is truly super fast and I can use a bigger needle for most of the sock and tiny ones for the bottom to make the socks stronger and more comfortable.

What heel is your favorite?
Heel Flap - it works and it's very durable. Plus it's really fun to work.

How many pairs have you made?
About six, but I'm working on that...

I'll keep you posted!


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Lolly said...

Thanks for answering, Amy! I liked reading your answers ;)