Friday, October 20, 2006


Jeffrey Won! I'm so glad. I loved Uli's show, Laura's was appropriately stuffy - exquisite, but stuffy and cold, Michael's was rather "Hoochie Mama!" but there were some really creative pieces.

I like Jeffrey - I know he was portrayed as a total ass, but I think alot of that was editing, and alot of it was just "I don't have time for your crap!" attitude - which I can relate to.

Way to go - now when does season 4 begin?

My WIP Friday will be a little late this week as I've been running today and haven't made any pictures. I have a socktoberfest update, a WIP update, and a shop update to photograph and take care of over the next two days. Thanks for hanging with me through the pictureless days!

I'll keep you posted!



FaeryCrafty said...

Yay Jeffrey!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree about Jeffrey not being as much of a jerk as they made him out to be. I really was blown away with Uli's show though and thought she was going to win. I didn't like a couple of Jeffreys designs at all, but the rest were pretty amazing :) I live in the southeast too, near Woodstock GA :), by the way :) ;)

stephanie said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I didn't wnat to know yet! I haven't had a chance to watch till today. I've only watched since Angela was called "out." I agree with you about Jeffrey, though. I'm sure he's a lot nicer in person and he certainly has displayed the vision necessary to win. I'm looking forward to seeing what they all came up with this afternoon.