Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Project Runway that is. Andrea loaned me the DVD's of season 2 (I'm ready for season 1 now - I know you're through them *grin*) and I've been watching for the past few days. As a result I've gotten lots of embroidery finished.

I am working on design #2 and it's more involved than the cherries, it's really sweet little bluebirds and it's fun - keeps my hands busy.

Now I better go make sure we have popcorn onhand for the season finale of Season 3 Project Runway - I rooting for Jeffrey!

I'll keep you posted!



katey said...

Apparently your rooting worked.

Jeffrey won, it turns out that I was glad about it too.

I liked Uli's collection a LOT.

What was up with Laura? (I liked the last dress she showed [the one with the chartreuse belt] it was way beautiful)

Michael disappointed me, his collection was tramp-alicious. (Plus it looked a little like he was inspired bu Uli, yes?)

YarnTamale said...

We all knew Jeffrey would win (ooh, ick, can't stand him) but he is very talented. Uli's work rocked, Laura's was predictable and Michael's was just bad. Sweet guy though. I just love the entertainment this show has brought to my little hum drum life. Can't wait for next season.

jessica said...

loved jeffrey's work. loved that he was given the opportunity...he had a rough life....he worked on it and hopefully he is on a good path.