Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mixed Bag of Tricks or Treats

Happy Halloween! I mean I guess happy? I really don't care for Halloween - now Fall - I dig Fall, but Halloween - the jury's still out and it doesn't look good.

I always went door to door as a kid - dressed up as an angel, a robot, Shirley Temple (do kids even know who that is anymore?), or some other non-creepy character and we had fun, but in the last 20+ years Halloween has become something different, something darker and more dangerous. I wonder if parents are aware that their pre-teen and teenagers are out smashing pumpkins (breaking tiny hearts), egging houses, scaring (really scaring) the small children, etc. Where are the parents that these behaviors go unnoticed and unchecked? Why is it that Halloween is the second biggest spending holiday - it's right behind Christmas? What happened to homemade costumes and creativity - NO - now we need the $200.00 Princess Fluff & Stuff Ensemble - for a 5 year old!

But then, I have two small children who want to dress up and carve pumpkins and go out for candy, so we do. We have homemade Princess and Firefighter costumes made from regular dress up clothes and stuff we have around (grand total I think $3.00 for some glitter face paint) and we'll got out and ring doorbells tonight with the other families. We will have fun and the kids will no doubt be precious.

I still don't like Halloween.

I'll keep you posted!



Carol said...

I agree, the fun in Halloween is supposed to be in coming up with a costume on your own without just buying it ready-made. Going around door to door was something you did with your friends and you giggled and had fun. Now it's about the stuff...sigh

anunmaker said...

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween. I, myself, will go home and turn off all the lights and pretend like I don't exist. Our family did not celebrate. We would make it a family night and go out to dinner and my brother and I got our own bags of chocolate. That's a good way to spend Halloween!

YarnTamale said...

And she will be the most beautiful princess and he will be the bravest most handsome firefighter of all. You're such a good mommy! Have fun and be safe!