Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Yesterday I worked on these:
My Work Table

and this:

And now I have these:
Naked Needles

and this:
My Work Table b

The top pic are ornaments pieced, cut, and ready to be sewn (120+ of them) next is another ballband dishcloth for the Christmas box (which is actually a basket - hmmm) then there are NAKED NEEDLES - oh no! Finally - that's my worktable and as much as I would LOVE to live in THIS space or THIS one and be one of those neat and tidy workers - it just ain't gonna happen!

Now I know that Alicia confessed a while back to having someone clean her home - well so do I and my house still doesn't look like that. This could be part of the reason:
Anna Hard at Work

Three dogs, another kid, and two adults who are much more interested in ANYTHING other than housework could also be part of it. Hey we're working on it and it's coming along.

Forgot to give proper thanks to Caro the other day for the GREAT zipper find, amd also going to have to thank her for her comic book board storage idea for fabric - guess what I'll be working on this week & weekend. Who knows, maybe I'll transform into one of those "neat studio" folks after all (not bloody likely - STOP laughing you're going to fall out of your chair!).

Anyway - check out Katey's new bags, and THIS great sight for pattern and color inspiration. Also be sure to check out Lolly today - her blogiversary was yesterday and she finished some great purple projects posted today.

I'm still working on the shop update and will be posting the zippered bags soon. I've got some ideas about denim lately too so those will come soon. Now I'd better go cast something onto those naked needles!

I'll keep you posted!


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