Sunday, July 30, 2006

12 things in 12 Months

Life is always a "learning process." Sometimes lessons are easy and fun and sometimes lessons are nigh impossible and poignant. The past 12 months has presented me with many of both and lots in between.

Here are 12 things I've learned in the past 12 months (in no particular order):

1. How to have a friend. Being a friend has always come easy for me. Giving to and helping others is no trouble, but accepting such help proves difficult. This has been a year in which I was (an still am) forced to rely on others and I am better for it. Each friend, old and new ,brings different joy and challenge to my life and I am still learning. Thank you all and please bear with me.

2. There are harder things than the death of your mother. Impossible as that seems - it is true. Loss is certain and final and can be processed, grieved, and dealt with. Uncertainty is agonizing.

3. Don't ride Mission Space 2 consecutive times and then order a Margarita. You'll miss out on a great dinner.

4. I am NOT a domestic goddess, nor will I ever be, but I CAN cook. OK - I already knew that, but I have accepted it and choose to do the things I am good at and pay someone to do the rest.

5. I really enjoy being at home.

6. Being kind and being 'nice' are NOT the same thing and being kind is more important.

7. Children's school scissors will cut ANYTHING, including clothing, hair, and skin.

8. Super Glue really does work instead of stitches (now ask me how I know that school scissors will cut skin).

9. Children grow up too fast; there is nothing I can do to stop it; it really sucks!

10. Love is found at every age and time and it is always a good thing.

11. Macs are not "The Devil" (with the exception of Quicken for Macintosh).

12. Laughter strenghtens your heart, even when it's breaking.

I'll keep you posted!


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YarnTamale said...

I'm going to rely on you heavily to help me apply #12 to my life. You're the best!