Friday, July 07, 2006


Well - thanks to Laurie I sourced out the origin of "Fire in the Hole" She pointed out that is was likely from Mythbusters and she is completely right. Now I just have to figure out what the kids wanted to blow up.

Thanks Ames for the Lemoncello last night - it was delightful and made knit night even MORE fun!!! I have half a bottle of Absolut in the freezer and I may hit you up for the recipe.

WIP Friday:

Here are some of the projects I am working on this week:
MD Inspired Washcloths
These are crocheted washcloths that I have finished this week - into the Christmas box they go.

Something Special
This is a special project I am working on for a potential new Etsy shop. We'll see how they go. I will hopefully have a shop up next week(end).

Anna Skirts
These are 6 more cotton skirts for Anna that just need to be hemmed. I'll finish them this weekend during naptimes, etc.

Hey, why is it that no one say's "Amy - it's 2:00; time for your nap." I would so dig that - Mandatory naptime.

I am also working on the Leaf Lace Shawl in Cherry Tree Hill's Merino lace yarn - it's gorgeous and lots of fun! I'm almost to the easy repeat part so it's going rather well. I did have to bring in an extra lamp (it's dark in our living room) so I can see it though - time marches on and it takes our eyesight with it!

My week has been pretty good - the children haven't killed each other, I haven't killed them and we learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly and how to spell our numbers 1 - 10. All in all - not too bad.

I haven't forgotten about the "favorite yarn" question - I will chime in on that one soon.

I'll keep you posted!


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FaeryCrafty said...

Wow you have been busy!