Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pictures Galore

I've finished many projects this week and hope to finish even more throughout the holiday. Many folks have asked how I get so much done. 1. I work really fast and 2. I don't sleep much and I don't clean house. It works well for me. Here are the pictures of what I've been finishing up this week.

Mason Dixon Boxes BeforeMD Boxes Before 2

MD Boxes Before 3
Mason Dixon Nesting Boxes BEFORE felting

Wooly Striped Felted BagFinished Baby Surprise Jacket
Wooly Stripes Felted Tote and Finished Baby Surprise Jacket (needs buttons)

My Tea Towels 2
My "Farm" tote bag and 12 Tea towels hemmed and ready to embroider

4 Little skirts for my Anna
4 Litte skirts for Anna - these have been around a while - I just sewed them together and finished them up this week as part of my "Finish What You Have" project

I've been very productive for the last 10 days or so and it feels good. I only have the two projects to finish for the shop before I get to start working on Christmas projects. The trick to that is which to start first. The projects I've picked out are all fun and I want to make them all RIGHT NOW!!!

I am inadvertanly taking part of the Summer ofStash (with the exception of the Noro) project. I have been making things (including the above) with items I have onhand. I can make gifts for nearly all of our entire holiday roster without a single new purchase. That doesn't speak well of my past aquisition habits, but I'm looking forward to using onhand items up.

July is PURPLE month for Project Spectrum and I'll have to search through the Christmas list projects for a purple one. The new Silk Garden is for me so that won't count yet - I'll start something with that after I get a few of the Christmas items under my belt. I think the Bloom Shawl from Knitty is in purple yarn - maybe I'll start with that.

Hey anyone know what's up with the Podcasts lately? I know Brenda from Cast-on is on break, but my other favorite, Knitty D & The City seems to be in the wind right now too. Wendy & Christina I miss You!!!! I hope Molly is feeling better!

That's it for me for the night - maybe I'll finish up the Wooly stripes bag after we get the kids in bed.

P.S. - Andrea I hope you are home safely to your family! Sleep well!

I'll keep you posted!


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K said...

hooray for finishing and long posts.

you know you can make the bloom shawl out of that noro.

I will try to remember to bring my two cornelia tuttle hamilton books to knit night so you can peruse the patterns therein for yourself.

have a great 4th.

love ya!