Friday, July 14, 2006

Thanks All!

Thanks so much all of you for your support on the opening of the Etsy shop. I am having so much fun. I listed some really cute mini tissue holders this morning as promised.

I had fun at knit night last night, but didn't get to sit at my usual "snarky" table and I missed it. I did get to sit with some other friends that I haven't seen in a while and I had tons of fun with that too.

I tried to quit my job last night; it didn't take. I have been feeling pulled - not being able to be at the shop as much as I think I should be. It's all ok now though - Dana and Ginger wouldn't let me quit. They assured me that whenever I could be there was plenty and I feel better. I just want to do a good job.

With all the listing items and such yesterday I didn't get to do my lace repeat on the Leaf lace Shawl. I'm glad I was one set ahead from the day before as I have a goal of at least 5 repeat for this week. Is it obsessive for me to set crafting goals? If I don't set goals and make lists I never get anything finished so...

I'll keep you posted!



YarnTamale said...

Love your blog, I look forward to it every day. Congrats on all your hard work to get your lovely items posted on Etsy. Keep up the creative and inspiring work.

anunmaker said...

We missed you at the Snarky table, too. And I am sorry I stole your chair...but everyone said that since we have the same name, it didn't matter which one of us was there! And, I wasn't even all. Next time, if i say I am not staying...for goodness sakes...MAKE ME LEAVE!!!

Carol said...

I wish my boss was as supportive as yours! Mine has driven me to the edge. And when I threatened to quit last time I was topld "that's your decision". Thanks for showing me that there CAN be good bosses out there. I just have to find them. I'll keep looking.