Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tag - I'm It

Thanks Stephanie for tagging me:

10 years ago Casey and I were in Disney world. While we were there (and blissfully unaware) the OJ trial verdict was handed down, and hurricane Opal hit ground as we flew home - now Casey has to fly with valium.

5 years ago I was 8+ months pregnant with Anna when my Daddy fell off a loading dock, broke two ribs and proceeded to nearly DIE when one of the ribs severed the artery in his diaphragm. ICU for nearly 20 days - Daddy went home the day Anna was born. I was going to the ob/gyn once/week by now and they kept telling me "take it easy - it's time to relax and coast on in now..." YEAH RIGHT!

1 year ago We opened the yarn shop, meanwhile Casey was killing himself working 20 hours/day trying to get a computer program finished for tyrants who THANK GOD!!! he doesn't work for any longer. We are so grateful that God gave us new opportunities!

Yesterday We had sit-down dinner out as a family at a regular dinner hour (not possible 1 year ago - or even 1 month ago b/c of working too much)

Today is the next to last Thursday that I have to miss "Knit Night" at the shop - I ordered clearance yarn online so I don't feel deprived ;)

5 Snacks I enjoy popcorn, chips & salsa, cucumbers with herb cream cheese and prosciutto, marshmallows, Coke

5 Songs I Know all the words to Particle Man, King of the Road, Night & Day, You Don't Know Me, Run for the Roses

5 things I'd do with $100 Million Money can't buy the one thing I want most in life - my mother's health back - other than that I really just want to be out of debt - which we are working on!

5 things I will never wear Lauren says "never say never" but I disagree ;) a Tube Top (even with the eventual results of "Curves" - the girls won't go for a Tube Top), G-string undies (ouch!), Flip-flops (I seem to have something against 'thongs' in general), white after Labor Day - regardless of what the fashion mavens say, and blue eyeshadow (at least not since middle school - I promise)

5 Favorite TV shows Does CSI count as 1 or 3? Does Law & Order count as 1 or 3? Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis (aslo referred to as "Hunky Daniel" show), Crafters Coast to Coast, and oh kill me now - Everwood.

5 Favorite Toys Knitting needles - esp my DPNs lately and my beloved Addi Turbos!, Cell Phone - even though I'm still unsure of how to retrieve my voicemail, CD Player, TIVO!!!!!!!, My Red KitchenAid Stand Mixer

5 Biggest Joys My beloved & my Babies (that's 3) and 2 of my three dogs - it's always 2 at a time ;) one is usually in trouble at any given moment.

I'll keep you posted!

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Lauren said...

I can't see myself ever wearing a tube top either, but I wore a halter top last night and kept thinking, this would probably be more comfortable with no straps. So I stick to my never say never! :)