Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I am SO tired...

But the shop is looking GREAT!!!!! The rebuild is complete and the space is bright and crisp and HUGE!!! We're pricing and stocking and pricing and stocking and well - you get it. I can't wait for knit night tomorrow.

I've been working on fingerless mitts for my SIL Christmas gift and still working on the birthday socks (frogging these may be in my near future - thinking lately that they may not fit). Like many others in the blogging community I just can't seem to settle in on a great project right now. Maybe it's the weather or the circumstance of the country or just my own restlessness, but things are not coming easily for me lately on the knitting front.

I hope that now with the build complete and soon with the yarn all restocked that I'll settle in for some really great fall & Christmas knitting.

I'd better finish the mitts tonight so I can mark one more name off of my Christmas list.

I'll keep you posted!


DSD said...

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stephanie said...

Well Amy, it sure is nice that someone wants to address the whole body hair issue for you. Sure wish someone had done that for me. All I got was an ADD ad.

Amywho, the shop looks great and I'm very excited about the new yarns! If only the boys' tuitions weren't looming ahead. If only the cabinets weren't already overflowing.

Oh, when you get a chance, you need to post the re-write of the flower washcloth pattern. That's one I'd prefer to work flat. Take care. I'll see you Thursday night.