Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Working on Now

I'm working on a new felted tote bag out of Tahki's 127 print in 4 different colors - it's coming out pretty nicely. I'm about to cast on for My brother's birthday socks (which may end up being Christmas socks) and I've got the plush vest and afghan going - the purple purse is on indefinite hold!

I've got a pink multi-yarn monstrosity that I need to turn into something gorgeous within a couple of weeks - lots of untying and frogging involved with novelty yarns - ugh!!!

I'm glad to see the total for Katrina relief growing so rapidly - thanks knitters!!!

I'll keep you posted!


stephanie said...

I'll talk to you about the pink thing on Thursday. I have an idea.

stephanie said...

take a look at this halloween bag