Friday, September 02, 2005

Updates Updates Updates

For those of you who are interested we have been inundated with new arrivals at the shop: Please stay tuned for more details. We're also expanding next week and the AC is FINALLY going to be fixed as well.

My finished project list continues to grow - most recently with Toby's orange sweater, and 50% of a cotton chenille flower washcloth. I will cast on for my brother's birthday socks this weekend and hopefully get them well underway.

I received my knitpicks order and my ybtb order this week and am trying desperately to stay focused on what I've already got going. The brown socks for my bro with the KP yarn may be enough to satisfy my "use the new stuff NOW!" urge - we'll see.

I also ordered some clearance Patons Fresco to make kid's sweaters from - it should be here next week. I think I may need to do that "yarn diet" thing I keep reading about, but with working in the shop it's like being on a low-carb diet and working in a bakery.

Casey's new job is still FABULOUS!!! They are instituting a company-wide telecommute day (considering gas prices and other things) on Wednesdays - the day I work in the shop and need someone to watch my Toby! Praise GOD! Can it get better?

I'm hoping to put up pictures this weekend. My cousin Taylor (15) will be here and I'll use her as a prop - uh model for some pics.

I added the Katrina Releif button - please find more info about that here and help as you feel led.

That's all I know for now.

I'll keep you posted!

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