Monday, October 06, 2008

Menu Planning Monday - Hoping for the Best

Considering last week's menu went a little like this:
Zaxby's (at least it was salad)
Ham Sandwiches
Frozen Pizza
etc., etc.

I think Menu Planning Monday is especially important this week - both waste wise and waist wise.

So I'm making it (really) easy this week and hoping for the best:

Baked Chicken with glazed carrots and green beans and fruit
Spaghetti with meat sauce with green salad and fruit
Meatballs and gravy with rice and peas and fruit
Chicken noodle soup with crackers and fruit
Inside Out Bacon cheeseburgers with carrots & celery and fruit
Chicken Fried Rice with fruit

A week of no-recipe meals sounds perfect and everything (except egg noodles) is already in the pantry so no big shopping for the week - phew! Rachael I promise I'll re-visit you next week and make your fabulous 30-minute meals, but this week - home cooked from memory is just right. For great recipe ideas and everything under the sun from vegan to budget friendly to feeding large or small families please click the logo above and visit the links on the Menu Planning Monday page.

Sometimes I struggle, do you struggle with the day to day? I try to stay within a relative schedule, budget, etc. but sometimes I just struggle. Convincing myself that everyone else does it ALL perfectly (whilst knowing they really don't) doesn't help.

Do you do that? Do you ever feel as though others must be doing it (whatever 'it' is) better and more and with a bigger smile? What are your struggles and how do you overcome them? Let's share and help each other (or just gripe together and know we are NOT alone).

I'll keep you posted!



Stacy and Brian said...

I struggle too! I am with you. Good simple menu. Sometimes I am OVERWHELMED. Put down the cookbook, Stacy and just COOK! Hang in there! Thanks for sharing. Stacy

Cooking and the City said...

Your Menu sounds great & yes I struggle too at times (lots of times) hugs :-)

Dell :) xxoo

ps they're not really doing *it* better, just seems like they are ;-)

Grumpy said...

HA! Yes I totally struggle! Daily, hourly, sometimes by the second! My motto in life these days is simplify, simplify, simplify!

hmmmm menus - do you think I pay someone to write up the menus for me because I could do better job? Heck no, I do it because it simplifies my life and in some areas, I'd rather have someone else think for me and tell me what to do than think myself (hey at least I'm cooking again!) In my previous life I was organized and did it myself - but apparently my kids removed that part of my brain in child-birth!! *GRIN!*

OMG, I'd invite you over, but inspite of my best attempts to keep it together, my house is strewn from one end to the other with toys, clothes - you name it (oh and now fabric - charming hubby!)

Our lunch menus often look like your dinner menu last week. And there are just times when my who life feels like one fast food joint..... or bad sitcom! LOL!

So with a WWFMW (what works for me wednesday despite the fact that it is thursday - see I'm a day behind!) kind of thought....
I pay someone to write my menus so I can do school, attempt to keep house and still have sanity and a little me time at the end of the day! I'm giving up the things I don't do so well on my own and farming them out to someone who likes to do it! Now if I could get someone to take my kids grocery shopping I'd be set! LOL!

Do I struggle?? me thinks I do! and no i rarely keep it together! But hey maybe I'm not a good role model! *GRIN*

Krfisten said...

I can definitely relate! I get myself so wound up about it sometimes. My husband tries to remind me that no 2 people, families, lives are the same, but it's still hard sometimes. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one out there that struggles with this.