Friday, October 03, 2008

I'd Rather Go to the Gynocologist...

Than go to the dentist.

I know - more that you EVER wanted to know.

Even considering my feelings for the dentist's office I HAD to go yesterday - due to the giant hole in my tooth.

After anxious anticipation I arrived (certain that my future held a root canal) and the Dr. said - "Oh, that's a tiny hole." Not in my book buster - I swear entire meals got trapped in there (eeewww). Within and hour it was drilled and filled - or "Restored" in dentist lingo. Get this - it also didn't cost me an arm, leg, or first born child. Praise God!

While in the euphoric state of "Restored" (and perhaps more notably NOT broke) I made all four of us cleaning appointments for next week - I KNOW - and not even on nitrous!

I feel much better now that I have a plan and a restored tooth.

I'll keep you posted!


1 comment:

Grumpy said...

you got off lucky. My last trip to the dentist landed me with 2 root canals and a threatened 3rd ... but didn't have me running back for a cleaning - gah I guess I should (2 yrs later! *sigh*)

Dentistry should be called torture-y!
And we won't even get there on the Gyn *sigh*