Thursday, April 26, 2007


So it's "Girl's Weekend" this weekend. Several of my knitting friends and I are travelling to the beach for the weekend. We have, of course, mapped all the knitting stores in the area and on the way and some serious shopping will certainly ensue.

Tonight is the last knit night at The Purly Gates. We are closing this weekend. I'm sure it is going to be an emotional night. I've come to know and love so much that sweet little shop.

I've been shopping and have most of my summer wardrobe taken care of (need at least one more nice blouse) and I'm glad to have it over with - I hate trying on clothes. Oh and BTW if it ever comes up that I want to go to Lane Bryant with BOTH my kids in tow will someone please whack me in the back of the head until I come to my senses? They were good, but it was just hard.

It's a rough time of year for me. My parents' wedding anniversary was April 24 - they would have been married 43 years. My birthday and Mother's Day are still hard - even over a year later.

Andrea, my heart is with you and your mom today. Celebrate your memories and know you are loved!

Retail therapy being what it is during this difficult time, I have a bunch of great new clothes, new haircut & color (OK same color it USED to be before the grey took over), and a new I-Pod from my hubby - early birthday present - I LOVE it!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel this weekend. I'll have pictures of our adventures in yarn when we return.

I'll keep you posted!



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Lucky you, have a great weekend. I'm headed to the beach next month - 2 lovely days all by myself before my daughter and some coworkers join me. I forsee a knitting marathon and visits to Sea Needles.

I bought summer clothes in bulk last year, now if I could just lose the 8 pounds I gained over the winter.

I lost my mother 27 years ago and miss her still. Sometimes it's easier than others, but you learn to live with it. Sorry for your loss.

Love the socks. I don't recognize the pattern, but I don't have an eye for patterns. I finally finished Madder Ribbed Sock #1(from Knitting Vintage Socks), after frogging because I hated the pointy toe and wasn't happy with the heel. I kept the dutch heel, which I love after switching to a smaller needle and adding reinforcing thread - so snuggly. They'll feel great in my boots next winter.

Take care.