Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Closed Door, An Open Window

The shop is closing.

It's sad and heartbreaking, yet hopeful and full of opportunity at the same time.

It's been a rough week, but the decision is the right one for Ginger and Dana.

If any of you are within driving distance - everything in the shop is 25% off.

I'm looking forward to having my Saturdays back. It's been nearly 3 years of working nearly every Saturday - that's a lot! I didn't realize that I have worked so many Saturdays until the idea of NOT working on Saturday came up. It's going to be nice!

Thanks for everything. Hopefully regular blogging, complete with pictures, will resume tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted!



Restless Knitter said...

It's sad to hear that the shop is closing. I've only gone there a couple of times. I think the last time was when they reopened after the water incident and I got some CTH lace yarn at 50% off.

Enjoy your Saturdays :)

Randi said...

Whenever we make the "right" changes, things turn out fine. I am sure that there are things you will miss about your Saturday workdays, but many other blessings will take their place!