Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Actual NOT Recycled...

Sorry for the recycled photo of the stash on Monday. Here are some NEW photos of what I've been working on this month.

To Be Felted Bags
Christmas Gifts for various family members - all the handles are inside and the bags just need to be felted, but this week that seemed too much like laundry and after folding 5 loads I'm not interested. I've got some time!

Frilly Crocheted Scarves
These are also Christmas gifts for various people - can't tell you who! I've got 2 more I want to make and them I'm done with this scarf - potentially FOREVER!

Lilac Afghan In Progress
I hope to finish this by the 30th! It's making my wrist hurt, but that's what massage and naproxen are for right? Again a Christmas gift.

Lacey Shrug
This is the Lacey Shrug for Dana. Originally intended to be a shop model, but... The yarn is wonderful! All I have left is 60" of that lace panel on the left. The color in this photo is not great (late afternoon light) I'll get a better one when it's finished!

Today while I had my hair colored (some parts of having birthdays sucks - GREY) I started a ribbon shawl for a friend for Mother's Day and I'll hopefully make another one while on vacation with the girls this weekend. I'm not so sure drunken knitting is a good idea, but hey - I've got that gift list in my sidebar to wrestle with and by damn I'm going to knit drunk if I have too!

I'll keep you posted!


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